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Unit 5 Post WWII to Present Day 1951 to Today

I can analyze the social, cultural, and economic changes in United States during the 1950s. (
I can analyze the political, economic ideologies and impact there contribution to the Cold War. (
I can explain the domestic response to the Vietnam War. (
I can analyze the Secret War in Laos and its impact on the Hmong population. (
I can explain why the 1960s and 1970s is a time of social change which included various Civil Rights Movements. (
I can identity leaders and tactics to overcome the obstacles encountered in the struggle for Civil Rights. (
I can make connections between present-day events and those of that occurred during the Civil Rights Movement. (
I can explain how the Cold War resulted in new political, economic and social realities. (,
I can analyze the impact of American Indian policies on present day indigenous nations. (
I can describe competing views about Government and American life. (
I can describe the various contributions of Hmong, Somali and Latino groups to American Society. (
I can analyze the impact of 21st century innovations and the global connections and interdependence on other countries of the United States on society. (,