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Unit 1: Pre-Contact to 1800
  1. How does movement of people impact and create an effect on new lands of settlement?
  2. Why are rebellions/coups used to overthrow opressive leadership?
Unit 2: Expansion and Reform 1792-1877
  1. To what extent and how has peoples’ power changed political structures?
  2. To what extent and how did economics impact politics to keep the nation united?
  3. Analyze ways in which our nation dealt with rebuilding the nation after the civil war?
Unit 3: Industrial Revolution & Immigration 1870-1920
  1. Why did the federal government encourage Native Americans to assimilate?
  2. How did the massive inflow of immigrants shape the nation?
  3. How did Progressive ideas and reform influence American society?
  4. How were people disenfranchised at the turn of the century?
  5. How did the United States become an imperial power?
Unit 4: Great Depression & Cold War 1929-1950
  1. What is the most significant outcome and aftermath of World War11?
  2. How did WW11 help promote support for civil rights? 
  3. How do the arts reflect and shape a community and its culture?
  4. How did a weak American economy result in a devastating economic crisis?
  5. How were Americans affected by the economic collapse?
  6. How did the rise of nationalism and Asia lead to a global conflict and the involvement of the U.S.?
Unit 5 Post WWII to Present Day 1951 to Today
  1. To what extent can societal problems be solved by government intervention?
  2. How have societal changes resulted in laws that enforce those changes?
  3. How have technological changes impacted society?
Unit 6: Floating Unit (Historical Research)
How do historians conduct research?