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01 Prehistory & Early Civilizations

Evolutionary Theory, Development of language, technology, and agriculture, River Civilizations, Hammurabi & Mesopotamia

02 Ancient High Civilizations

Egypt, Greece & Rome, Buddha, Confucius

03 Theology (Religion)

Abrahamic (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), Buddhism & Hinduism

04 Middle Ages (Post-Rome/Pre-Conquest)

10thC, 11thC, 12thC, 13thC, 14thC:  Myth vs. Reality of History

05 Renaissance & Reformation (Science & Reason)

14thC, 15thC:  Scientific & Religeous Reasoning

06 Nationalism (Identity & Exploration)

15thC, 16thC, 17thC: Unification of kingdoms, expansionism/imperialism, Eurocentrism

07 Imperialism (Revolution, Independence, & Technology)

16thC, 17thC, 18thC, 19thC: European Conquest of World, Global Economics, Miscegination, Military Superiority

08 Globalization (War & Peace, Boom & Bust, USA)

20thC: Cooperation & Competition (Political & Economic), World Wars