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Mark Jensen - Room 202

So once you do know what the question actually is, you'll know what the answer means.

(Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

In the Olympics, Jessie Diggins from Minnesota placed 6th in the 10-kilometer freestyle cross-country ski race. It is the best any American woman has done.

“I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me,’’ Diggins said. “I’ve had so many people go, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry.’ I’m like, ‘Don’t be sorry.’ I’m proud of what I did today. I pushed my body way past its limit. I killed myself out there. I thought I was going to pass out on that last climb; I was completely locked up. That’s a really good feeling, to know you gave it everything you had, and more than you thought you could give.’’ (from the Star Tribune)

This year I am teaching Mass Media in the English department and AVID 11 and AVID 12. 

I have been teaching in Minneapolis since 1990 when I moved here from San Diego. I have have degrees in Biology and Literature/Creative Writing from the University of California at San Diego, and teaching licenses in Life Sciences and Language Arts. I also have a Masters in Comparative Literature from the University of Minnesota. I graduated from high school from Taipei American School and have been traveling my whole life. I still travel and plan on spending next summer in Argentina where they appreciate "soccer." Watching the World Cup in Argentina should be a blast! I am a news junkie and I love thinking about mass media and culture. Everything is a text! Often, I see myself more as a writing teacher than an English teacher. Writing is life!

I am the adviser for the Minneapolis Public Schools Marine Ecology/Scuba Club here at Washburn. We went diving in the Exumas in the Bahamas last summer and had a great time. Click on the link to the right to see pictures of that trip. We already planning this year's trip to Roatan.

I am also the adviser/coach for the Washburn Quiz Bowl team. The season officially starts in October and ends in February, but practices are starting. The club meets every TUESDAY now in Room 202. It's fun and there is food and a no-judgement jar.

If you wish to contact me for any reason, please do: Email is the best way to reach me. You can also leave me a voicemail at 612-668-8766.

The mice will see you now.

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