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Doing Your Part to Make a Great Season

Many different people come together each year to make our season a success.  Below is a brief list of the personnel that make everything possible:

  1. Athletic Director - ensures that we have adequate practice time in the gyms, access to the weight room and other areas on school grounds for supplemental strength and conditioning training, and coordinates our home match needs (referees, visiting team contracts, additional match equipment, custodial services).
  2. Coaches - strive to prepare the players for the physical, mental, and emotional rigors of competition through focused practices, strength and conditioning training, and video analysis of skills, techniques, opponents, etc.
  3. Players - learn and improve by listening to instruction, observing skill and technique demonstrations, and focusing on the task at hand during practice.  Through disciplined training, they can perform at their best during competition and be rewarded with individual and team success over the course of the season.  By having a strong work ethic during practice, competition becomes something to look forward to with eagerness and confidence.
  4. Team Manager - responsible for many different tasks both during practice and competition that allow the coaches to focus on instructing rather than getting mired in non-teaching details that may take their attention away from coaching the players.
  5. YOU!  Each year, Washburn Volleyball needs the help of many individuals to keep everything running smoothly throughout the season.  This support typically comes from our players' parents, but we welcome anyone interested in volunteering their time to help us get through the season.