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3.5 & 3.6 Success

What defines (or determines) success?  External or internal perception of achievement?  Yes, apply your reasoning to Chile & Argentina, but also try to include connections to other nations & people in history.

3.EC1 Mo' Money

You have a (legal) opportunity to make more money than your fellow workers, but it involves a degree of deception (lying - hiding the truth).  Do you do it?  Explain your reasoning.

3.3 & 3.4 Darwinism

A "bigger" and/or more stable nation gets involved with the affairs of a "smaller' and/or less stable nation.  Do intentions matter more than results?  Basically, is it acceptable if the results were not (as) positive as anticipated or hoped?  Consider imperialism, modernization, education, economics, etc.  But, as always, you can simply state what you may have learned this week.

3.1 & 3.2 History

What is the purpose of History?  Why study it?  But we should also look into HOW it is studied.  What should be explored?  basically, look into the study of history and how it fits within a society's educational standards.  Consider your History IA, but also reflect on ALL of your previous history classes & lessons.  What proved useful and rewarding?  What was pointless?  Are there any components that proved useful upon further reflection?

2.EC2 Fame or Fortune

You are granted one choice - either immediate and eternal fame or unlimited wealth. Which would you choose? Explain why.

2.6 1-11-13 Solidarity

How important is solidarity in successfully demanding and implementing change?  Can change come from within, or must it always be precipitated by outside influence(s)?  How is success defined?  Complete turnover and acceptance of sometimes radical proposals?  Or moderated, compromised results?  As always, you do not have to answer every component - consider what has been studied and use the questions as guides in formulating a What I Learned this week response.

2.6 Media War

Consider the increasingly important role played by media representation - print (newspaper & internet), film (TV & movies), & audio (radio & music).  What are the problems and benefits of such influence?  Can news organizations truly be "fair and balanced"?  If not, how can a population be properly informed, if at all?  As always, please reference material presented for/in class.

2.5 US-Mexico War

Was it justified?  Look at the era in which it was fought as well as contemporary results & issues.  What good came out of the war, if any?  How would you teach it to your students if charged to do so?

2.4 Self-Interest (Caudillos)

Can self-interest drive gains and success for most others in a culture or society?  Consider Caudillismo - they sought personal wealth and power, conducted things for the benefit of themselves and those directly connected to them, and established a system that exploited domestice resources (minerals, agriculture, labor, etc.) for foreign - and personal - profits.  But they also stabilized governments and even helped establish national identities that ended up larger than regional tribalism.  

2.EC1 National Interest & War

Consider the National Interest of nations and basic psychology.  Is war ever justifiable?  When/Why, or why not?  Also consider independence movements, the concept of equality, and other ethical issues.

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