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2.4 Self-Interest

Can self-interest drive gains and success for most others in a culture or society?  Consider Caudillismo - they sought personal wealth and power, conducted things for the benefit of themselves and those directly connected to them, and established a system that exploited domestice resources (minerals, agriculture, labor, etc.) for foreign - and personal - profits.  But they also stabilized governments and even helped establish national identities that ended up larger than regional tribalism.  

2.3 Summary

Please summarize your assigned Independence reading.

2.2 Cause of War (Revolutionary or Civil)

What is the primary cause of Wars for Independence or Revolution?  Is it economics?  Identity (defined internally or externally - specify)?  Political marginalization (divergent interests)?  Something else?  Be sure to reflect on the birth of the USA, Haiti, and/or other nations (China, India, South Africa, Russia, Italy/Germany, France, etc.).

2.1 Incompetence Petition

Consider the reason and effectiveness of petitions - political, economic, bureaucratic, etc.  When the delegates in Philadelphia signed the Declaration of INdependence, they were committing treason,punishable by death. I certainly do not wish to have you place yourself in such a situation, but consider the following possibility: One of your teachers is incompetent.  Some classmates have prepared a petition asking for her/his replacement.  Do you  sign it?

WIL 1.EC2 Equality (2081)

Use your answers from before the viewing and whatever thoughts that may have emerged during and after viewing 2081 to write an opinion about Equality.  What does it truly mean (politically and/or socially)?  Is it achievable?  How?  Is it worth fighting/dying/killing for?  What can be done to "balance the equation" of opportunity, luck, skill, effort, etc.?

1.6 Slavery

Would you rather be a slave-owner or a slave? You must be one or the other.  Consider all aspects of either role; what you can do and what you have to put up with on a regular basis. As always, think and explain.

WIL 1.EC1 Tough Love

A terrible tragedy has struck the people of a country on the other side of the world.  Meanwhile, you also have been hit with a devastating loss.  A plane crashes into a building in India/China/Indonesia (pick), killing 1,000 people.  At home, a drunk driver hits your car, killing a family member or close friend.  Given the power to go back in time and change ONE thing...whom do you decide to save?  One person close to you...or 1,000 people you do not know, from a country you will probably never visit.  There is no 'right" answer - simply a thought process and reasoning.

1.5 Legacy

A legacy includes the entirety of one's life.  But we can only include a tiny fraction when eulogizing and remembering someone.  Can a person's good deeds outweigh any and all evil deeds committed earlier or later in life?  Consider Las Casas, Colonization (Spanish, Portuguese, British, Dutch, French), Native Americans, and the Black Legend.

1.4 Machiavelli 1

Does the end justify the means?  Basically, if the outcome is "good" does it matter what was done to achieve it?

1.3 Eurocentrism (Bias)

Consider Eurocentrism and what you read from van Daniken and Crosby. One is covertly racist, while the other uses scientific evidence to support his theory of European (biological) dominance. Our analysis of Zinn results in an acceptance of bias, so long as it is defined and does not skew results. Simply think about all of this and try (but it is not necessary) to address it in your WIL. Basically, how has bias influenced your own life & learning?

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