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EC WIL 4.3 Legacy
What legacy do you hope to leave behind when the future looks back on your life?
For what do you want to be remembered?
4.6 Guns or Butter

Which is/should be more important for the US Government in terms of budget spending - military (including police) or social welfare (education, health care, housing, etc.)?  Consider Vietnam vs Great Society.

4.5 Making Change

How did people make change during the civil rights movement?

How can people make change now?

What power does the youth have?


Please be sure to reference material presented/discussed in class this past week!

4.4 Means to an End

Does the end justify the means? Basically, if the outcome is "good" does it matter what was done to achieve it? This is a famous question asked and answered by Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527), an Italian philosopher who is considered to be the father of modern political thought & politics. What is your opinion?

4.3 Racial/Ethnic Conflict

What do YOU THINK could help solve the problem(s) of racial/ethnic conflict in our country?
Refer to what we have studied in US History class!
End with 2 statements:
     What does Romo do well (strength)?
     What does Romo need to improve?

4.2 Holocaust Remembrance

Why is it important to remember the Holocaust?  (YOU DID THIS AT THE END OF CLASS ON THURSDAY!!! That is it!  Yay!!!

4.1 Injustice (Legally Unfair)

What injustice of today would you most like to correct…explain why & how.

3.6 Leadership

Should leaders make decisions on their own accord (in the best interest of all under her/his rule), or should the leader reflect the ideals and principles called for by those same "subjects"?  Should power be exerted from "above" or reflect beliefs from "below"?

3.5 Honor

You are a West Point cadet (US. Military Academy) bound by a strict honor code.  You witness another cadet, who is also a friend, cheating on an exam.  Do you turn her/him in?

3.4 National Interest

Consider the National Interest of nations and basic psychology.  Is war ever justifiable?  When/Why, or why not?  Also consider independence movements, the concept of equality, and other ethical issues.

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