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Weekly WIL

(What I Learned this past Week)

You will have to spend 10-15 minutes at the end of every week to write your Weekly WIL on the Moodle..  Basically, reflect on what you did and what you gained (if anything) from being in my class during the past week.  It is not a pure essay, because you are encouraged to use bullet-points or lists.  Include not only what you enjoyed, but maybe what bothered you.  Sum up with advice about what should be kept, changed, or removed.  There is no RIGHT or WRONG and Weekly WILs will be scored using the following scale:

8-10 = Shows Mastery by being able to not only recall information, but also usefully apply it across time, place, people, etc.

6-7 = Shows Achievement by being able to recall information., but connections are limited or non-existent.

5 = Something is submitted but student is unable to cite specifics or sufficient content of topic, theme, or content relevant to the week.

0 = Student did NOT submit Weekly WIL.  Students who are absent on Day of Writing must have Weekly WIL completed upon first day back.

The WEEKLY WIL makes up 30% of your overall grade.

The following vocabulary & topics should be used:

    Compare & Contrast
    Cause & Effect
    How & Why
    Consequences (Impact & Results)
    Cause & Effect