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WAHIAN Yearbook, Ms. Rome

WAHIAN = WAshburn HIgh ANnual.

Similae to the school website, the yearbook is a publication representing the whole school, to a wide audience. Yearbook quotes should be: 20 words or less, positive, encouraging, celebratory, and related to school/graduation/success. Quotes must be in standard English, verifiable by a quick internet search if attributed to someone else. No violence, put-downs, sarcasm, isms, or random statements that are non-graduation related. Please submit (or resubmit) by March 31.

Examples: "Veni, vidi, vici." = NO." I came, I saw, I conquered." - Julius Caesar = YES.

Sibling Selfies - send to no later than March 31.

Please note: 75 photos still "MISSING" - there is NO permission on file for some student photos to be in the yearbook. We MUST have written permission to print student photos in the yearbook - it is a district policy. 150 letters have gone out. If you get the official form in the mail, sign permission for YEARBOOK and return ASAP - no later than March 30.

Photos will be cropped for conformity - mid-shots (roughly head to waist.)

Yearbook club is OPEN! Yearbook club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-8 am in 120e. Email yearbook advisor Ms. Rome ( or co-advisor Mr. Johnson ( with any questions. Volunteer through spring and make the yearbook GREAT; all grades eligible, and all are welcome!


Paper orders recieved by Ms. Rome after Feb. 25, with payment, will be first come/first served for a limited amount of yearbooks$55 (Feb. 25, 2017 was the LAST date for pre-order with personalizations) NOW first come first served by paper form for a limited number of yearbooks.

document Limited Number of Yearbooks Left   --  First come, first served - submit paper order only, for a limited number of yearbooks.