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Daily Activities / Lessons Quarter 1

Wednesday October 31 U2 D17 - Warm up: Proving Triangles congruent (overlapping triangles).  Classwork Assignment: #15 ws Proving Triangles Congruent.  Slides from class.

Tuesday October 30 U2 D16 - Warm up: Proving triangles congruent with ASA.  Lesson:  Notes on Two Column Proofs (with examples)  Slides from class.

Monday October 29 U2 D15 - Mr. Sudo was absent today and students worked on a classwork assignment: CW - Two Column Proof Practice.  Students were to finish this assignment in class and turn it in before class was over.

Friday October 26 U2 D14 - Warm up:Proving triangles congruent using SAA.  Unit 2 Notes 4: Congruence Shortcuts - Ways to find congruent parts of triangles.  Homework :  HW#14 p227 / 1 - 16 - due Tuesday October 30.  Slides from class

Thursday October 25 U2 D13 - Warm up:ASA and SAS Congruence Conjectures.  HW#13 questions, hints and (some) answers.  Classwork: Congruent Triangle Practice.  Slides from class.

Wednesday October 24 U2 D12 - Warm up: SSS and SAS Congruence Conjectures.  AR#2 hints.  Unit 2 Notes 3 continued - ASA Congruence Conjecture.  Homework:  HW#13 p222 / 1 - 14, 20 - due Friday Oct 26.  Slides from class.

Tuesday October 23 U2 D11 - Warm up: Graphing Parabolas, Marking Congruent Triangles. HW#12, AR#2 questions and hints.  Unit 2 Notes 3 - SSS and SAS Congruence Conjectures.  Exit Problem - Proving Congruent Triangles.  Slides from class.

Monday October 22 U2 D10 - Warm up: Congruent Triangles, Algebra Review: Graphing Parabolas.  Notes: Vertex form of a Quadratic Equation.  Homework:  AR#2 - Graphing Quadratics in Vertex Form - due Tuesday October 30. Need help graphing quadratics (parabolas)?  Check out this Video from Yaymath for help on AR#1.  Want to check your answers using an online graphing calculator?  Check out  Slides from class.

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Tuesday October 16 U2 D09 - Warm up: Algebra Review: Graphing Parabolas, Congruent Triangles.  Homework :  HW#12 ws Using Deductive Reasoning - Due Tuesday October 23.  Slides from class.

Monday October 15 UNIT 2 TEST - Quiz 3A - Triangle Sum and Isosceles Triangle Conjectures.  Quiz 3B - Triangle Inequality, Side - Angle Inequality, Exterior Angle Conjectures. Students who missed this test should make arrangements to make it up after school sometime next week with Mr. Sudo.  

Friday October 12 U2 D08 - Warm up: Revew for Quiz 3A and 3B.  Activity: The Triplets Problem.  Unit 2 Notes on Deductive Reasoning.  Slides from class.

Thursday October 11 U2 D07 - Warm up: Revew for Quiz 3A and 3B.  Classwork:  Extra Practice / Review for Quiz 3A and 3B.   SOLUTIONS  to the Extra Practice / Review.  Slides from class

Wednesday October 10 U2 D06 - Warm up: Angles Review.  HW#11 questions and answers.  Classwork: Triangle Treat - Congruent Angles Practice.  Slides from class.

Tuesday October 9 U2 D05 - Warm up: Congruent Triangles, Exterior angles, isosceles triangles review.  Unit 2 Notes 2 : The Triangle Inequality Conjecture, The Side-Angle Inequality Conjecture.  Homework: HW#11 p216 / 1 - 16, 19 - 22, 17 - due Thursday Oct 11.  Slides from class.

Monday October 8 U2 D04 - Warm up: Isoceles Triangles Conjecture.  HW#10 questions, hints and answers.  Unit 2 Notes 2:  The Exterior Angles Conjecture.  Classwork: Angles Review 1 - Triangle Sum, Isosceles Triangles, Exterior Angles.  Slides from class.

Friday October 5 U2 D03 - Warm up: Triangle Sum Conjecture.  Finishing Unit 2 Notes 1 : The Isosceles Triangle Conjecture.  Homework: HW#10 p206 / 1 - 8, 10, 11, 19 - due Tuesday October 9.  Slides from class.

Thursday October 4 U2 D02 - Warm up: Triangle Sum Conjecture.  HW#9 questions, hints and answers.  Lesson:  Contructing an Isosceles Triangle with tracing paper.  Exit problems.  Slides from class.

Wednesday October 3 U2 D01 - Warm up: Proving that the sum of the measures of the angles of a triangle is 180 degrees.  Unit 2 Notes 1 : The Triangle Sum Conjecture.  Homework:  HW#9 p210 / 2 - 9, 16 - 22 due Friday Oct. 5.  Slides from class.

Tuesday October 2  Unit 1 Test:  Quiz 2A  - Angle Relationships   and Quiz 2B - Coordinate Geometry, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines, Midpoints and Perpendicular Bisectors.  Students who missed this test should make arrangements with Mr. Sudo to make it up after school sometime in the next two weeks.

Monday October 1 U1 D24 - Warm-up: Review for Quiz on Tuesday.  HW#8 questions and answers.  Review Problems for Quiz 2A and 2B questions and answers.  Classwork:  Using a Compass and Straightedge to construct the incircle of a triangle, and the circumcircle of a triangle.  Slides from class.

Friday September 28 U1 D23 - Warm-up: Review for Quiz on Tuesday.  HW#8 questions and answers.  Classwork:  Review Problems for Quiz 2A and Quiz 2B.  Slides from class.

Thursday September 27 U1 D22 - Warm-up: Finding the perpendicular bisector of a segment on a coordinate graph.  Finishing Unit 1 Notes 11 - Midpoint Formula, Angles and Algebra.  Homework: HW#8 ws Midpoints, Angles, and Algebra - due Monday Oct 1.  Slides from class.

Wednesday September 26 U1 D21 - Warm-up: Angle Relationships, finishing Unit 1 Notes 10. HW#7 questions and answers. Unit 1 Notes11 - Coordinate Graphing Part 3 - Midpoint Formula.  Slides from class.

Tuesday September 25 U1 D20 - Warm-up: Finding parallel and perpendicular lines, angles and algebra.  Lesson:  Unit 1 Notes 10 - Coordinate Geometry Part 2 - Parallel and Perpendicular Lines.  Homework: HW#7 page 167 / 1- 10 - due Thursday Sept 27.  Slides from class.

Monday September 24 U1 D19 - Warm-up: Finding the slope of a line from an equation, table, using the slope formula, and angle properties review.  How to make up your constructions check up if you need to.  Unit 1 Notes 9 - Coordinate Geometry - Parallel and Perpendicular Lines.  Slides from class.

Friday September 21 U1 D18 - Warm-up: Identifying Vertical Angles, Linear Pairs, Corresponding Angles, Alternate Interior Angles, and Alternate Exterior Angles.  Students handed in their warm ups for the week of Sept 17 - 21 today. HW#6 Questions and Answers. Classwork - Group Angle Problems. .  Slides from class.  

Thursday September 20 U1 D17 -  Warm-up: finishing Unit 1 Notes 7 - The Parallel LInes Conjecture.  Unit 1 Notes 8 - The Parallel Lines Part 2 - Recognizing Patterns and The Converse of the Parallel Lines Conjecture.  Homework:  HW#6 p129 / 1 - 7 + ws Piz D33.- due Monday Sept 24.  Slides from class.

Wednesday September 19 U1 D16 -  Warm-up : Solving systems w substitution.  Unit 1 Notes 7 - The Parallel Lines Conjecture.  Exit problem - finding missing angle measures using Corresponding Angles, Alternate Interior Angles, and Alternate Exterior Angles. Slides from class.

Tuesday September 18 U1 D15 -  Warm-up : Linear Pairs and Vertical Angles, Solving with substitution, Finding Slope.  HW#5 questions and answers.  Homework: AR#1 - Algebra Review: Finding Slope, Solving Systems with Substitution - due Tuesday Sept 25.  Slides from class.

Monday September 17 U1 D14 -  Warm-up : Algebra Review: solving equations, slope formula.  Unit 1 Notes 6 - The Linear Pair Conjecture and the Vertical Angles Conjecture.  Homework:  HW#5 p 122 / 1 - 6, 8 - 11 + Piz 19 - due Wednesday Sept 19.  Slides from class.

Friday September 14 U1 D13 -  Warm-up : Algebra Review- solving equations and slopes of lines. Students handed in their warm ups for the week Sept 10 - 14 today.   Finishing Contructions Check up Part 1 and Consttructions Check up Part 2 - due Tuesday Sept 18.  Slides from class.

Thursday September 13 U1 D12 -  Warm-up: Constructing a perpendicular bisector, constructing a perpendicular from a point to a line.  Assessment:  Contructions Check up Part 1  and Constructions Check up Part 2 - due Tuesday Sept 18.  Students worked on the problems from the constructions check up during class.  You can find step by step instrucitons on how to do the problems on the Constructions Helper web page link from the class web page. Slide from class.

Wednesday September 12 - Unit 1 TEST  (Quiz1A Basic Figures) (Quiz1B Angles) -  Students who missed this test should make arrangements to make it up after school with Mr. Sudo.  You can find review materials for this test on the Resources for Quiz Retakes section of the classroom web page.

Tuesday September 11 U1 D11 -  Warm-up: Review for Quiz - Vertical Angles, Linear Pairs, Supplementary Angles, Angle Bisector.  Lesson: Unit 1 Notes 4 Continued - Constructing an Angle Bisector with compass and straightedge.  Unit 1 Notes 5 -  Constructing a Perpendicular from a Point to a line, and from a point on a line.  Slides from class.

Monday September 10 U1 D10 -  Warm-up: Review for Quiz.  Outline for Wednesday's test.  Lesson: Unit 1 Notes 4 - Constructions - Copying Segments and Angles, constructing a perpendicular bisector with a compass and straightedge.  Homework:  HW#4 Review for Quiz 1 - due Wednesday Sept 12.  Slides from class.

Friday September 7 U1 D09 -  Warm-up: Review for Quiz.  Students handed in their warm ups .  Homework: HW #2 and HW#3 questions and answers.  Lesson - Circle designs and intro to compasses.  Slides from class.

Thursday September 6 U1 D08 -  Warm-up: sketching parallel and perpendicular lines, segments and rays.  HW#3 questions and answers.  Finishing Unit 1 Notes 3 - Vertical Angles and Linear Pairs. Slides from class.

Wednesday September 5 U1 D07 -  Warm-up:  Parallel lines and angle bisectors.  Lesson:  Unit 1 Notes 3 continued.  Homework:  HW#3 p51 / 1 - 5, 10 - 18, 28 - 30  due Friday Sept 7.  Slides from class.

Tuesday September 4 U1 D06 -  Warm-up: Drawing and measuring angles, basic figures. Investigation : What's a Widget?   Lesson:  Unit 1 Notes 3 - What makes a good definition.  Slides from class.

Friday August 31 U1 D05 -  Warm-up: Drawing an angle, basic figures.  Lesson: Unit 1 Notes 2 - Angle measurement.  Homework:  HW#2 p42 7-14, 15 - 20, 30 - 35 - due Wednesday Sept 5.  Slides from class.

Thursday August 30 U1 D04 -  Warm -up: Basic Figures.  Lesson: Angle Measurement.  Classwork (1):  Angle Measurement Practice  Classwork (2) - Alternate - Protractor Pattern.  Slides from class.

Wednesday August 29 U1 D03 -  Warm -up: Basic Figures.  Lesson:  Unit 1 NOTES 1 continued.  Assignment: HW#1 p33 / 1 - 12, 19 - 31 - due Friday Aug 31.  Slides from class.

Tuesday August 28 U1 D02 -  Warm -up:  Protractor Pre-Test. Miller PRIDE activity.  Unit 1 Notes 1 - Basic Figures.  More from the Course Syllabus.  Slides from class.

Monday August 27 U1 D01 -  Welcome to Geometry! Students filled out an information sheet and then worked on a problem involving squares.  We discussed the kind of things we will be doing in geometry class and why it is an important part of your math education.  Finally, students were handed a copy of the Geometry Course Syllabus.  Students have to get some information filled out by a parent or guardian and then return the signed portion of the syllabus to Mr. Sudo for homework.  The Signed Course Syllabus is due on Friday August 31.  Slides from class.