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Please read the Coach's Intro/FAQ Letter

2022 Tryouts
Begin Monday March 14th with TWO days of Captains' Practice!
5-7 PM at Washburn High School Main Gym (athletic shoes, NO CLEATS)
Please know that the schedule may change due to a teacher strike, but captains have a backup plan for additional training.

2022 Schedule (MPS)

2022 Squad Assignments
Please know that our numbers have skewed some things - we only have 20 players!
We need to make sure we have enough for subs on varsity, while also making sure everyone plays in games.
Rosters are NOT static (permanent)!
JV players who perform well and/or have a skillset needed may be play on Varsity AT ANY POINT!
Varsity players wanting/needing more actual gametime will be offered more at JV.
I know it may not seem "fair" but this is NOT a normal year, so age/grade level WAS a factor in determining these initial placements:
12 Abigail H Varsity
11 Allie T Varsity
11 Davie Z-Z Varsity
12 Ella S Varsity
11 Ellery D Varsity
12 Grace F Varsity
11 Karina S-S Varsity
10 Kate A Varsity
12 Sam B Varsity
12 Vanessa H Varsity
8 Caroline B JV
11 Zara H JV
8 Ellerie U JV
11 Elly R JV
11 Eva M JV
8 Izzy G B JV
11 JiJi K JV
9 Layla S JV
8 Nina S JV
9 Makiyla C JV