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Daily Activities / Lessons Quarter 2

****END OF 2ND QUARTER ****     

Tuesday January 22 and Wednesday January 23  Final Part A - Trigonometry.  Final Part B - Congruent Triangles, Pythagorean Theorem, Similar Triangles.

Friday January 18  U3 D24 - Warm-up: Angle of Depression, Law of Sines, Special Right Triangles.  Lesson:  How can I review for the final exam next week?  Classwork:  Review for FINALS Part A - Trigonometry review.  SOLUTIONS to Review for FINALS Part ASlides from class

Thursday January 17  U3 D23 - Warm-up: Pythagorean Theorem, Law of Sines.  Classwork from Wednesday continued: How do you know which rule to use?    Classwork / Notes - Review for FINALS Part B - Triangle Review.   Review for FINALS Part B SOLUTIONS.  Slides from class.   

Wednesday January 16  U3 D22 - Warm-up: Congruent triangles, area of an isosceles triangle.  Finishing HW#14 - questions and answers.   Math Course information and Course Selection Videos for course information day.   Classwork: How can you tell which rule to use?  Slides from class 

Tuesday January 15  U3 D21 - Warm-up:Completing a triangle using  the Law of Sines.   Unit 3 Notes 8 -  the Law of Cosines.  Homework:  HW#14 p643/ 1,3,4 + Review -due Thursday Jan 17. Did you miss class today?  Watch this video on the Law of Cosines from Yaymath. Slides from class.  

Monday January 14  U3 D20 - Warm-up: Finding a missing angle using the Law of Sines.  Finishing Unit 3 Notes 7 - Solving word problems using the Law of Sines.  Homework #13 - word problems, questions, answers. Lesson: Intro to the Law of Cosines.   Slides from class.

Friday January 11  U3 D19 - Warm-up: Finding the area of a triangle using SAS area conjecture, finding the missing angle of a right triangle using SOH CAH TOA.  Lesson: Unit 3 Notes 7 - The Law of Sines.  Homework: HW#13 p654 / 5 - 11, 13 - due Tuesday Jan 15. Did you miss class? Watch this Video on the Law of Sines from Khan Academy. Slides from class

Thursday January 10  U3 D18 - Warm-up: Finding the height, then the area of an obtuse triangle using trigonometry.  Lesson: Unit 3 Notes 6 - Multi step Trig Problems continued.  HW#12 questions and hints. Trigonometry Check - up.  Slides from class.

Wednesday January 09  U3 D17 - Warm-up:the world's tallest tree.  Lesson:  Unit 3 Notes 6 - Multi step Trig Problems continued.  Homework: HW#12 Applying Trig Ratios - due Friday Jan 11.  Slides from class.

Tuesday January 08  U3 D16 - Warm-up: Problem Solving with Trigonometry.  HW #11 p628 - questions, answers, and diagrams.  Unit 3 Notes 6 - Multi-step Trig Problems - finding the area.  Slides from class

Monday January 7 U3 D15 - Warm-up: What is SOH CAH TOA?, using inverse sine, cosine, and tangent.  Lesson: Unit 3 Notes 5 - Problem Solving using Trigonometry.  Homework HW#11 p628 / 1 - 5, 7 - 13  due Wednesday Jan 9. Slides from class.


Friday December 21 U3 D14 - No warm up today - warm ups were collected in class on Thursday.  Finishing HW#10 - due today.  Activity - Paper Folding Snowflake.  Video - Mythbusters - the 7 paper fold.  Slides from class.

Thursday December 20 U3 D13 - Warm-up: the cosine and tangent ratios.  Lesson:  Unit 3 Notes 4 - using inverse sine, inverse cosine, and inverse tangent to find a missing angle measure.  HW#10 questions, hints, and answers.  Slides from class.

Wednesday December 19 U3 D12 - Warm-up: the sine, cosine, and tangent ratios.  Unit 3 Notes 4 - SOH CAH TOA - continued.  Homework:  HW#10 p624 / 1 - 22 - due Friday Dec 21.  Slides from class.

Tuesday December 18 U3 D11 - Warm-up: What do you know about this triangle?  Lesson: Investigation the sine, cosine, and tangent ratios.  Unit 3 Notes 4 - SOH CAH TOA.  Slides from class.

Monday December 17 U3 D10 - Warm-up: Word problems - the mirror method, shadow method for indirect measurement.  ***QUIZ 3*** - Similar Triangles - students who missed this quiz today should make arrangements to make it up after school with Mr. Sudo.  Slides from class.

Friday December 14 U3 D09 - Warm-up: Overlapping Similar Triangles - when and when not to use proportional parts.  Classwork:  Practice Quiz 3.  Check the SOLUTIONS to Practice Quiz 3.  Slides from class.

Thursday December 13 U3 D08 - Warm-up: Similar Triangles, Proportional Parts.  Lesson: Unit 3 Notes 3 continued - Similar Triangle Word Problems: the Shadow Method, the Mirror Method.  Homework:  HW#9 p582 / 1 - 5 + more problems - due Monday Dec 17.  Slides from class.

Wednesday December 12 U3 D07 - Warm-up: Overlapping Similar Triangles.  HW#8 questions, hints, and answers.  Unit 3 Notes 3 - The Parallel Proportionality Conjecture.  Slides from class.

Tuesday December 11 U3 D06 - Warm-up: Similar Triangles Scaling Up and Scaling Down.  Finishing Unit 3 Notes 2 - AA, SSS, and SAS Similarity Conjectures.  Homework :  HW#8  p574  1 – 10, 13, 15 - due Thursday Dec 13.  Slides from class.

Monday December 10 U3 D05 - Warm-up: Solving problems with proportions, solving proportions.  Classwork: Investigating the AA rule for Similarity.  Unit 3 Notes 2 - AA, SSS, and SAS Similarity Conjectures.  Slides from class.

Friday December 7 U3 D04 - Warm-up: Scale Factor, Solving Proportions.  Finishing Unit 3 Notes 1 - Similar Triangles.  Homework:  HW#7 Solving Similar Triangles - Due Tuesday Dec 11.  Slides from class.

Thursday December 6 U3 D03 - Warm-up: Comparing Ratios - Part to Part, and Part to Whole, solving proportions.  Class Activity - making a proportional drawing with a rubber band stretcher.  Slides from class.

Wednesday December 5 U3 D02 - Warm-up: Solving Proportions.  HW #6 questions hints and answers.  Algebra Review Assignment:  AR#2 Problem Solving with Proportions - due Wednesday Dec 12.  Slides from class.

Tuesday December 4 U3 D01 - Warm-up: Ratio and Proportion.  Lesson: Unit 3 Notes 1 - Ratio and Proportion, Solving Proportions. Missed class today? Watch these videos: (Understanding Part to Part Ratios   Part to Part vs. Part to Whole Ratios Solving Proportions using the "Fish" method )  Homework: HW#6 P561 / 1 - 16 due Thursday December 6.  Slides from class.

Monday December 3  *UNIT 2 TEST*  Quiz 2A - The Pythagorean Theorem   Quiz 2B - Special Right Triangles (45-45-90) nd (30-60-90)  Quiz 2C - Coordinate Geometry - Points on a Circle Centered at the Origin, Distance Formula.  Students who missed this test should make arrangements to make it up after school with Mr. Sudo sometime in the next two weeks.

Friday November 30 U2 D33 - Warm-up: Review for Quiz 2B and 2C.  Classwork:  Practice Quiz 2A 2B 2C part 2.  Slides from class.

Thursday November 29 U2 D32 - Warm-up: Pythagorean Theorem with numbers in square root form, Problem Solving with the Pythagorean Theorem.  Classwork:  Finishing Practice Quiz 2A 2B 2C part 1.  Slides from class.

Wednesday November 28 U2 D31 - Warm-up: Applying 30-60-90 triangles.  HW#5 questions and hints.  Classwork: Practice Quiz 2A 2B 2C part1.  Slides from class.

Tuesday November 27 U2 D30 - Warm-up: Applying 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles.  Unit 2 Notes 11 continued - The Distance Formula.  Did you miss class today?  Watch this Video: Introduction to the Distance Formula.  Homework: HW#5 Distance in Coordinate Geometry - due Thursday Nov 29.  Slides from class.

Monday November 26 U2 D29 - Warm-up: Applying 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles.  HW#4 - questions, hints and answers.  Slides from class.

*** Thanksgiving Break ***

Tuesday November 20 U2 D28 - Warm-up: Applying 30-60-90 triangles.  Homework: HW#4 p482 / 1,2,4,5,8,9,10,13,14 - due Tuesday Nov 27.  Slides from class.

Monday November 19 U2 D27 - Warm-up: 45-45-90 and 30-60-90 triangles.  Homework #3 questions, hints, and answers.  Unit 2 Notes 11 - Coordinate Graphs and the Pythagorean Theorem.  Slides from class.

Friday November 16 U2 D26 - Warm-up: Recognizing Special Triangles. Lesson: Unit 2 Notes 10 Continued - Special Right Triangles Continued (30 - 60 - 90 rule).  Homework: HW#3  p447   1 - 11,15,16,17,21 - due Tuesday Nov 20.  Slides from class.

Thursday November 15 U2 D25 - Warm-up: Pythagorean Theorem and numbers in square root form.  HW#2 questions and hints. Lesson:  Unit 2 Notes 10 - Special Right Triangles  (45 - 45 - 90 rule).  Slides from class.

Wednesday November 14 U2 D24 - Warm-up: Multiplying expressions with square roots, the Pythagorean Theorem.  Lesson:Unit 2 Notes 10 continued - side lengths in square root form - Pythagorean Triples.  Homework : HW#2 p465 / 1 - 6, 10 - 20 - due Friday November 16.  (Did you miss class?  Watch this VIDEO on the Pythagorean Theorem from YayMath.  Check out another video -Pythagorean Theorem with Radicals (numbers in Square Root Form) - skip to the 6:45 mark on the video)  . Slides from class

Tuesday November 13  ***Unit 2 TEST*** - Quiz 1A - SSS, SAS, ASA and SAA Congruence Conjecture.  Quiz 1B - Triangle Proofs using CPCTC.  Quiz 1C - Simplifying Square Roots.  Students who missed this test should make arrangements to make it up after school in the next couple of weeks.

Monday November 12 U2 D23.. Warm up: Review for Quiz 1A, 1B, and 1C.  Finishing Practice Quiz 1A, 1B, and 1C from Friday.  Lesson:  Unit 2 Notes 9 - The Pythagorean Theorem.  Slides from class.

Friday November 9 U2 D22.. Warm up: Proofs using CPCTC, multiplying radical expressions (numbers with square roots).  Lesson:  Practice Quiz 1A, 1B, and 1C.  Slides from class.

Thursday November 8 U2 D21.. Warm up:What do you need in the GIVEN information to make this proof work? Simplifying square roots.  Lesson:  Unit 2 Notes 8 continued - Multiplying numbers in square root form.  AR#1 questions and hints.  Slides from class.

Wednesday November 7 U2 D20.. Warm up:What is missing in this proof?, finding square roots.  Lesson:  Unit 2 Notes 8 - Simplifying Square Roots.  Homework:  AR#1 ws Piz 204 Simplifying Square Roots - due Monday November 12.  Yaymath Video: Simplifying Square Roots.  Need help with factors when simplifying square roots? Use the Familiar Factors sheet.  Slides from class.

Tuesday November 6 U2 D19.. Warm up: Proofs with CPCTC, what is a square root?  Lesson:  Unit 2 Notes 6 continued - Flowchart Proofs.   Classwork: p231 / 1 , 2, 6, 7.  Slides from class.

Monday November 5 U2 D18.. Warm up: Proving Triangles congruent.  Unit 2 Notes 6 - Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles.  Homework:  HW#1 - Proofs Using CPCTC - due Wednesday November 7.  Slides from class



Wednesday Oct 31 U2 D17 - Warm up: Proving Triangles congruent (overlapping triangles).  Classwork Assignment: #15 ws Proving Triangles Congruent.  Slides from class.

Tuesday Oct 30 U2 D16 - Warm up: Proving triangles congruent with ASA.  Lesson:  Notes on Two Column Proofs (with examples)  Slides from class.

Monday October 29 U2 D15- Mr. Sudo was absent today and students worked on a classwork assignment: CW - Two Column Proof Practice.  Students were to finish this assignment in class and turn it in before class was over.

Friday Oct 26 U2 D14 - Warm up:Proving triangles congruent using SAA.  Unit 2 Notes 4: Congruence Shortcuts - Ways to find congruent parts of triangles.  Homework :  HW#14 p227 / 1 - 16 - due Tuesday October 30.  Slides from class

Thursday Oct 25 U2 D13 - Warm up:ASA and SAS Congruence Conjectures.  HW#13 questions, hints and (some) answers.  Classwork: Congruent Triangle Practice.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Oct 24 U2 D12 - Warm up: SSS and SAS Congruence Conjectures.  AR#2 hints.  Unit 2 Notes 3 continued - ASA Congruence Conjecture.  Homework:  HW#13 p222 / 1 - 14, 20 - due Friday Oct 26.  Slides from class.