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Daily Activities / Lessons Quarter 2

========  END OF QUARTER 2 =========

Wednesday Jan 15 and Thursday Jan 16 -  FINAL PART A - Trigonometry.  FINAL PART B - Triangle Properties - Congruent triangles, The Pythagorean Theorem, and Similar Triangles.  There are no retakes for this test.

Tuesday Jan 14  U3 D18 - Warm-up - Review for FINAL. Classwork:  KAHOOT Review for FINAL.  Study Guide: Review for FINAL Part A - Trigonometry.  Solutions to the Review for FINAL Part B.  Slides from class.

Monday Jan 13  U3 D17 - Warm-up - Review for FINAL.  Unit 3 Notes 6 - Multi Step Trig Problems continued - overlapping right triangles.  Study Guide: Review for FINAL Part B - Triangles Properties.  SOLUTIONS to the Review for FINAL Part B.  Slides from class.

Friday Jan 10  U3 D16 - Warm-up - Problem Solving - angle of depression, congruent triangle review.  Lesson: Unit 3 Notes 6 - Multi Step Trig Problems continued - area of an isosceles triangle given the length of the base and the vertex angle, area of a rectangle given the diagonal and an angle.  Homework: HW#15 Applying Trig Ratios - due Tuesday Jan 14.  Slides from class.

 Thursday Jan 09  U3 D15 - Warm-up - Problem Solving - angle of elevation.  HW #14 questions and hints.  Lesson: Unit 3 Notes 6 - Multi Step Trig Problems.  - finding the height of a triangle given two sides and the included angle.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Jan 08  U3 D14 - Warm-up - Sine, Cosine, tangent and their inverse functions.  Unit 3 Notes 5 - Problem Solving with Sine, Cosine, and Tangent.  Homework:  HW#14 p628 / 1 - 5, 7 - 13 - due Friday Jan 10.  Slides from class.

Tuesday Jan 07  U3 D13 - Warm - up: Sine, cosine, and tangent.  Lesson:  Unit 3 Notes 4 continued - inverse sine, cosine, and tangent.  HW#13 questions, and hints. Bonus Trig Assignment:  Piz229 - Trig worksheet.  Slides from class.

Monday Jan 06  U3 D12 - Warm - up:  Sine, cosine, and tangent.  Lesson: Unit 3 Notes 4 - SOH CAH TOA.  Homework:  HW#13 p624 / 1 - 22 - due Wednesday Jan 8.  Slides from class.

*** WINTER BREAK *** - see you in 2020!!

Friday Dec 20  U3 D11 - Warm - up: the sine, cosine, and tangent ratios.  Class activity: Snowflakes and symmetry.  Slides from class.

Thursday Dec 19  U3 D10 - Warm up:  What have we learned about triangles this year?- a reflection.  Lesson:  Classwork: Unit 3 Investigation : Right Triangles and Ratios.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Dec 18  U3 D09 - Warm up:  Review for Quiz 3. Quiz 3 - Similar Triangles. Students who missed this quiz should make arrangements to make this quiz up after school with Mr. Sudo.

Tuesday December 17 U3 D08 - Warm-up: Review for Similar Triangles Quiz.  Kahoot Activity - Review for Quiz.  Practice Quiz 3 - Similar Triangles.  SOLUTIONS to the practice quiz.  Slides from class.

Monday December 16 U3 D07 - Warm-up: Overlapping triangles vs Parallel / Proportionality Conjecture.  Homework:  HW#12 p582 / 1 - 5 + more problems - due Wednesday Dec 18.  Slides from class.

Friday December 13 U3 D06 - Warm-up: Overlapping similar triangles vs. Parrallel / Proportionality Conjecture.  HW #11 questions and hints.  Unit 3 Notes 3 continued - problem solving: the mirror method and the shadow method.  Slides from class.

Thursday December 12 U3 D05 - Warm-up: Scaling up and scaling down to find missing sides of similar triangles. Lesson:  Unit 3 Notes 3 - The Parallel / Proportionality Conjecture. Homework:  HW#11 p574 / 1 - 10, 13, 15 - due Monday Dec 16.  Slides from class.

Wednesday December 11 U3 D04 - Warm-up: Problem solving with proportions.  HW#10 questions, hints.  Lesson:  Unit 3 Notes 2 - Similarity Shortcuts: AA, SSS, and SAS rules.  Slides from class.

Tuesday December 10 U3 D03 - Warm-up: Comparing part to part and part to whole ratios using percent, solving proportions.  Lesson: Scaling up vs. Scaling down.  Homework:  HW#10 / Probs 1 - 4 + p568 / 9 - 14 - due Thursday Dec 12.  Slides from class.

Monday December 9 U3 D02 - Warm-up: Problem solving with proportions.  Lesson : Unit 3 Notes 1 - Similar Polygons and Scale Factor.  Exit Problems: finding missing sides of similar triangles using scale factor.  Slides from class

Friday December 6 U3 D01 - Warm-up: Ratio and Proportion.  Lesson: Unit 3 Notes 1 - Proportions Review.  Homework:  HW#9 p561 / 1 - 16 due Tuesday Dec 10.  Slides from class.

Thursday Dec 5  *UNIT 2 TEST*  Quiz 2A - The Pythagorean Theorem   Quiz 2B - Special Right Triangles (45-45-90) nd (30-60-90)  Quiz 2C - Coordinate Geometry - Points on a Circle Centered at the Origin, Distance Formula.  Students who missed this test should make arrangements to make it up after school with Mr. Sudo sometime in the next two weeks.

Wednesday December 4 U3 D00 - Warm-up: Review for Thursday's test.  Activity :  using a rubber band stretcher to enlarge a picture of Homer Simpson (DOH!).  Slides from class.

Tuesday December 3 U2 D28 - Warm-up: Finding the exact length of a missing leg of a right triangle, finding the perimeter of a rectangle given the length of the diagonal.  Classwork: Practice Quiz 2A 2B 2C Part 2.  Check the SOLUTIONS to the practice quiz part 2.  Slides from class.

Monday December 2 U2 D27 - Warm-up: distance formula, "ladder leaning against a wall" problem.  HW#8 hints.  Classwork: Practice Quiz 2A, 2B, 2C Part 1.  Check the SOLUTIONS to the practice quiz part 1.  Slides from class.


Tuesday November 26 U2 D26 - Warm-up: Applying the pythagorean theorem.  Lesson:  Unit 2 Notes 10 - The Distance Formula.  Homework: HW#8 Distance on a Coordinate Graph - due Tuesday Dec 3.  Slides from class.

Monday November 25 U2 D25 - Warm-up: Finding the perimeter of a rectangle given its diagonal, finding coordinates of a point on a graph using the Pythagorean Theorem.  Unit 2 Notes 10 - Problem Solving continued. HW #7 - questions, hints, and answers.  Slides from class.

Friday November 22 U2 D24 - Warm-up: Finding the area of a 45-45-90 and 30-60-90 right triangle.  Lesson: Unit 2 Notes 10 - Problem Solving.  Homework: HW#7 p482 / 1,2,4,5,13,14 + ant problem - due Tuesday Nov 26.  Slides from class.

Thursday November 21 U2 D23 - Warm-up: Finding the area of a square using the 45-45-90 rule and the 30-60-90 rule.  HW#6 - questions, hints and answers.  Finishing Unit 2 Notes 8 - 3D Pythagorean Theorem rule.  Slides from class.

Wednesday November 20 U2 D22 - Warm-up: shortcuts for the Pythagorean Theorem.  Lesson:  Unit 2 Notes 9 - the 45-45-90 rule and the 30-60-90 rule.  Homework: HW#6 p477 / 1 - 11,15,16,17,21 - due Friday Nov 22.  Slides from class.

Tuesday November 19 U2 D21 - Warm-up: Pythagorean Theorem, hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle. Unit 2 Notes 8 continued - the converse of the Pythagorean Theorem, Pythagorean triples.  HW#5 questions and hints.  Classwork - Applying the Pythagorean Theorem.  Slides from class.

Monday November 18 U2 D20 - Warm-up: Square roots and the Pythagorean Theorem.  Lesson: Unit 2 Notes 8 continued - applying the Pythagorean Theorem.  Homework: HW#5 p465 / 1 - 6, 10 - 20 due Wednesday Nov 20.  Slides from class.

Friday November 15  - **UNIT 2 TEST ** - Quiz 1A SSS, SAS, ASA SAA Congruence Conjectures.  Quiz 1B Proofs using CPCTC.  Quiz 1C Simplifying Square Roots.  Students who missed this test should make arrangements with Mr. Sudo to make it up after school sometime in the next two weeks.

Thursday November 14 U2 D19 - Warm-up: Review for Quiz 1A, 1B, 1C.  Lesson:  Unit 2 Notes 8 - Using the Pythagorean Theorem.  Slides from class.

Wednesday November 13 U2 D18 - Warm-up: simplifying square roots, multiplying numbers in square root form. HW AR#1 questions and hints.  Classwork: Practice Quiz 1A, 1B, 1C.  Slides from class.

Tuesday November 12 U2 D17 - Warm-up: simplifying square roots.  Unit 2 Notes 7 continued - Multiplying Numbers in Square Root form (multiplying radicals).  HW AR#1 questions and hints.  Slides from class.

Monday November 11 U2 D16 - Warm-up: Essential parts of a proof, square roots.  HW#4 hints.  Lesson:  Unit 2 Notes 7 - Simplifying Square Roots vs Using a Decimal Approximation.  Homework: AR#1 - Simplifying Square Roots - due Thursday Nov 14.  Slides from class.

Friday November 8  U2 D15 - Warm-up: Solving equations using square roots, proofs with CPCTC.  Finishing Classwork from Thursday.  Homework: HW#4 - Proofs with CPCTC - due Tuesday Nov 12.  Slides from class.

Thursday November 7  U2 D14 - Warm-up: Solving x^2 - 1 = 10, proof using SAS.  HW#3 questions, hints, and answers.  Lesson: Unit 2 Notes 6 - Using CPCTC - Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent.    Classwork: p231 / 1,2,6,7,17.  Slides from class.

Wednesday November 6  U2 D13 - Warm-up: Writing a two column proof.  Lesson - Finding congruent parts - how to handle perpendicular lines and bisectors.  Homework: HW#3 ws Proving Triangles Congruent - due Friday Nov 8.  Slides from class.

Tuesday November 5  U2 D12 - Warm-up: SAS and ASA congruence conjectures.  HW#2 questions, hints, and answers.  Lesson: Unit 2 Notes 5 - How to Write a Two-Column Proof Showing Two Triangles are Congruent.  Slides from class.

Monday November 4  U2 D11 - Warm up: Angle Relationships - "what's wrong" writing exercise.  Lesson: Unit 2 Notes 4 - Congruence Shortcuts - Ways to Find Congruent Parts of Triangles.  Homework: HW#2 - p227 / 1 - 16 - due Wednesday Nov 6.  Slides from class.

*** Lessons below are carry-overs from the 1st quarter ***

Thursday October 31 U2 D10 -  Warm-up: SSS and SAS congruence conjectures.  Lesson: Unit 2 Notes 3 continued - ASA and SAA congruence shortcuts.  Classwork: Congruent Triangles Practice.  Slides from class.

Wednesday October 30 U2 D09 -  Warm-up: Algebra review: graphing a parabola, marking congruent triangles.  Lesson:  Unit 2 Notes 3 - SSS and SAS congruence shortcuts.  Homework:  HW#1 - p222 / 1 - 14, 20 - due Monday November 4.  Slides from class.

Tuesday October 29  -  ** Special Schedule**  - State Semi Soccer Finals Washburn vs Edina at US Bank Stadium.  Students in 1st and 2nd hour worked on a Deductive Reasoning Puzzle - the Triplets Problem.  

Monday October 28 U2 D08 -  Warm-up: Two column proofs and angle relationships.  Classwork: Identifying Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles.  Slides from class.