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Daily Activities / Lessons Quarter 3

Thursday Mar 28 U5 D21 - Warm-up: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences.  Classwork: Escher - Type Drawing using a Glide - Reflection.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Mar 27 U5 D20 - Warm-up- Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences.  Classwork: Creating an Escher Tile using a Glide - Reflection.  Slides from class.

Tuesday Mar 26 U5 D19 - Warm-up- Algebra preview - Arithmetic Sequences.  Classwork - Transformations - Reflections, Translations, and Rotations on a Coordinate Graph.  Slides from class.

Monday Mar 25 U5 D18 - Warm-up- Algebra Review - Solving Quadratics.  HW#13 questions, hints. Classwork - Reflections.  Slides from class.

Friday Mar 22 U5 D17 - Warm-up- Algebra Review - Quadratic Patterns.  Homework: HW#13 Area with Quadratics - due Tuesday March 27.  Slides from class.

Thursday Mar 21 U5 D16 - Warm-up- Algebra Review - Quadratic Patterns - equations, tables, and graphs.  Classwork :  Rectangular Garden with a constant perimeter of 20 m.  Slides from class.

Tuesday Mar 19 and Wednesday Mar 20 - **Unit 5 TEST** + Class period. - Due to MCA testing each class was on a 2 hour block - Tues Periods 1,3,5 and Wed Periods 2,4,6.  Warm-up: Review for Quiz 2A and 2B.  Quiz2A - Angles of Polygons  Quiz 2B - Area of Polygons. Students who missed the test should make arrangements to make it up with Mr. Sudo after school.  Slides from class.

Monday Mar 18 U5 D15 - Warm-up: Review for Quiz 2A - angles of polygons and 2B.  HW#12 questions and hints.  Video: Star Polygons (by Vi Hart).  Classwork: Star Polygons.  Slides from class.

Friday Mar 15 U5 D14 - Warm-up: Review for Quiz 2A - angles of polygons and 2B - area of polygons.  Homework:  HW#12 - Review for Quiz 2A, 2B - due Thursday Mar 21.  Slides from class.

Thursday Mar 14 U5 D13 - Warm-up: Review for Quiz 2A - angles of polygons and 2B - area of polygons.  Classwork:  Area Challenge 2 - Poly the Snowman.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Mar 13 U5 D12 - Warm-up: Finding the number of sides of a regular polygon given the measure of an interior angle, using Pick's formula to find area.  Homework:  HW#11 Area Challenge Problems - due Friday March 15.  Slides from class.

Tuesday Mar 12 U5 D11 - Warm-up: Pick's formula, Area of a regular polygon.  Lesson: Unit 5 notes 4 - More on Polygons - using the 30-60-90 rule (regular hexagons), using SOH CAH TOA (regular polygons) to find missing apothems and side lengths. See an example of How to Find the Area of a Regular Octagon given the side length.   Slides from class.

Monday Mar 11 U5 D10 - Warm-up: Area of a regular polygon.  HW#10 questions, hints and answers.  Lesson:  Classwork / Notes - Pick's Formula. Did you miss class today?  Watch the video on Pick's Formula showing an example of how to use the formula to find the area of a polygon.  Slides from class.

Friday Mar 8 U5 D09 - Warm-up: Area of a regular hexagon, difference of two squares pattern for factoring a quadratic expression.  Finishing Unit 5 Notes 3 - working backwards from area to find a missing apothem or side length.  Homework:  HW#10 p427 / 1 - 8, 12, 13, 14, 5 - due Tuesday Mar 12.  Slides from class.

Thursday Mar 7 U5 D08 - Warm-up:Finding the number of sides of a regular polygon given the measure of an interior angle, factoring trinomials.  Unit 5 Notes 3 - Area of Polygons.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Mar 6 U5 D07 - Warm-up: Factoring a trinomial. Area of a hexagon.  Classwork - area of irregular shapes.  Homework:  AR#3 Factoring Trinomials - due Wed Mar 15.  Slides from class.

Tuesday Mar 5 U5 D06 - Warm- up: Angles of regular polygons.  Classwork / Activity - Math Talks - Angles of Polygons Partner Problems.  Slides from class.

Monday Mar 4 U5 D05 - Warm- up: interior and Exterior angles of a regular N-gon, factoring a trinomial.  HW#9 questions, hints, and answers. Math Talk - using key phrases and correct vocabulary in presenting your solution.  Slides from class.

Friday Mar 1 U5 D04 - Warm- up: Interior angles of regular polygons, factoring a trinomial.  Unit 4 Notes 2 continued - interior and exterior angles of polygons.  Homework:  HW#9 Practice 5.1, 5.2 + p262 / 2 - 11 - due Tues Mar 5.  Slides from class

Thursday Feb 28 U5 D03 - Warm- up: Factoring a trinomial,number patterns - rectangular numbers.  HW#8 questions, hints, and answers.  Unit 4 Notes 2 - Exterior Angles of Polygons.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Feb 27 U5 D02 - Warm- up: Factoring a trinomial, the high five problem continued, investigating area.  Unit 5 Notes 1 - The Polygon Sum Conjecture.  Homework:  HW#8 p257 / 1 - 5  - due Friday Mar 1.  Slides from class.

Tuesday Feb 26 - ****Unit 4 Test***** - Quiz 1A - Properties of Quadrilaterals   Quiz 1B - Area formulas. Students who missed this test should make arrangements to make it up after school with Mr. Sudo.

Monday Feb 25 U5 D01 - Warm- up: Factoring a trinomial, the high five / handshake problem.  HW#7 questions and answers.  Check the SOLUTIONS to HW#7.  Classwork:  Practice Quiz 1A, 1B  continued.  SOLUTIONS to Practice Quiz 1A, 1B.   Slides from class.

Friday Feb 22 U4 D13 - Warm- up: Multiplicaton Boxes, Review for Quiz.  HW#7 questions and answers. Classwork: Practice Quiz 1A - Quadrilateral Properties, Quiz 1B - Area of Quadrilaterals.  SOLUTIONS TO PRACTICE QUIZ 1A 1B.   Slides from class.

Thursday Feb 21 U4 D12 - Warm- up: Sums and Products, Angles of Kites and Trapezoids.  HW#6 questions and answers.  Lesson: Unit 4 Notes 7 - Using Triangle Properties in area problems.  Homework:  HW#7 Area Problem Solving - due Monday Feb 25.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Feb 20  U4 D11 - another SNOW/WIND CHILL DAY - Find the instructions for the SNOW DAY ASSIGNMENT HERE.  Students should view the HW#6 HELPER VIDEO and the HW#6 HELPER SLIDES while working on completing the assignments that are due this week.  Enjoy your day off!

Tuesday Feb 19 U4 D10 - Warm- up: Algebra Review - Sums and Products, Multiplication boxes.  Lesson:  Unit 4 Notes 6 continued - Area of a Trapezoid and Kite.  Homework: HW #6 p418 / 1 - 14, 16 - 18 - due Thursday Feb 21.  Slides from class.

Thursday Feb 14 U4 D09 - Warm- up: Properties of Quadrilaterals, Algebra Review - Multiplying binomials.  Finishing Unit 4 Notes 4 - two kinds of perimeter problems.  Lesson:  Unit 4 Notes 6 - Area Formulas.  Slides from class.

Wednesday Feb 13 U4 D08 - Mr. Sudo was out sick today.  Students worked on a Classwork Assignment: Kites, Trapezoids, and Parallelograms.  Then students worked on a second assignment: AR#2 - Multiplication (FOIL) Boxes - Due Wednesday February 21.

Tuesday Feb 12 U4 D07 - Warm-up: Algebra Review- multiplying binomials, slope formula, ACT practice strategies. AR#1 - ACT practice questions, hints, and answers.  Unit 4 Notes 4 - Quadrilateral Flowchart.  Homework:  HW#4 p290  1 – 16, 20, 25, 26 - due Thursday Feb 14.  Slides from class.

Monday Feb 11 U4 D06 - Warm-up: Algebra Review - multiplying binomials, Coordinate geometry - vertices of a parallelogram, ACT practice strategies.  HW#3 questions, answers.  Unit 4 Notes 3 - Properties of Rhombuses, Rectangles, and Squares. Unit 4 Notes 3 page 2 - Rhombuses, Rectangles, Squares (completed).  Slides from class.

Friday Feb 8 - another SNOW/WIND CHILL DAY - SNOW DAY ASSIGNMENT:  AR#1 (Q3) ACT Practice  Units 1, 2, 3 - due Thursday Feb 14.

Thursday Feb 7 U4 D05 - Warm-up: Proving opposite angles of a parallelogram are congruent using congruent triangles.  Lesson: Unit 4 notes 3 - Properties of Parallelograms.  Unit 4 Notes 3- Parallelograms (completed).  Homework:  HW#3 p281 / 1 - 6, 11, 13, 17, 19 - due Monday Feb 11. Slides from class

Wednesday Feb 6 U4 D04 - Warm-up: Properties of Trapezoids, ACT practice. HW #2 - questions and hints.  Student work time and ACT practice.   Slides from class

Tuesday Feb 5 U4 D03 - Warm-up: Warm-up: Angles of a Kite, ACT practice.  Classwork: Properties of Trapezoids.  Lesson: Unit 4 Notes 2 - Properties of Kites and Trapezoids.  Homework : HW#2 p269 / 1 - 9, 17 + proofs - due Thursday Feb 7.  Slides from class.  

Monday February 4 U4 D02 - Warm-up: Explain why a quadrilateral is a trapezoid using alternate interior angles, ACT practice. ClassworK: Properties of Kites Slides from class.

Friday February 1 U4 D01  - Warm-up: Angles Review. ACT information and ACT Practice.  Activity: Think-Pair-Share - Classifying Quadrilaterals.  Unit 4 Notes 1 - Definitions of Quadridrilaterals - Kite, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Rhombus, Rectangle, Square.  Homework:  HW#1 - Quadrilateral Problems - due Tuesday February 5.  Slides from class.

Thursday January 31  - ***  WIND CHILL DAY ***  SCHOOL CLOSED ***

Wednesday January 30  - ***  WIND CHILL DAY ***  SCHOOL CLOSED ***

Tuesday January 29  - ***  WIND CHILL DAY ***  SCHOOL CLOSED *** 

Monday January 28  - ***  SNOW DAY ***  SCHOOL CLOSED ***