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IB History Year 1

Welcome to IB History Year 1!  

This course focuses on 20th Century history with a particular focus on the development of democratic states (specifically, India, the US, and South Africa) and the Cold War. In addition, we spend additional time considering protest movements in the US and South Africa from the 1940s-1960s. Finally, we will complete the Historical Investigation, also known as the Internal Assessment, a research paper.

Document Analysis Sheets - complete the appropriate one for your source

Wilson Center Digital Archive - Search for Berlin (blockade, crisis 1948, Wall, etc.)

NEA Sources for the Berlin Wall


Korean War Guidesheet

Korea War Readings at the bottom with documents.

Apartheid Resistance Chart & Timeline

Apartheid Statistics - Infographic Information

Apartheid Legislation Assignment

Peer Review Form

Fakebook Assignment

Study Guide for USA R&P Test:

Plessy v. Ferguson

Brown v. Board of Education

Little Rock 9

Massive Resistance

The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Freedom Rides

Freedom Summer

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Voting Rights Act of 1965


Dr. King

Malcolm X






Advice from Past Students...

Below is the top advice given to students in IB History from students who have studied it with me before:

1. Take lots of notes & actually study them. Learn to take notes correctly.

2. Read everything. Re-read it sometimes.

3. Don't slack off - it will come back to haunt you later.

4. Pay attention and actually listen.

5. Be on time to class and do your assignments on time. Ms. B's really understanding so ask ahead of time if you need an extension.

6. Do all the homework - it will really help even if it seems boring at first.

7. If you're cool, Ms. B will be cool.

8. Participate in discussions.

9. Focus on learning and you'll get a good grade (don't just worry about the grade).

10. Ask for help if you need it. Even if you don't need help, ask questions.

11. Have fun, but also know when to get serious.

12. YouTube can help clarify important events.

13. If you try and do everything you're supposed to you'll probably get an A or B in the class.

PDF Sample IA   --  This is a sample IA from a past Washburn student who earned a high grade from IB.