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WHS History

The Wahian is the Washburn yearbook. The name, which was proposed by a student named Virginia Miller, is a combination of the letters in WAshburn HIgh ANnual and is pronounced Wa-high-an.

A small memory book was published the first year of the schools existance. The first actual Wahian was published in 1928 with the 1st graduating class. It has been published every year since. Early editions showed much original artwork. Later editions exhibited technical proficiency by staff members.
Wahian Editors
Otis Dypwick
Ruth Plank
Mary Gardner
Ella Jane Sage
Fred Jenks
Alice Eylar
Paul Andrews
Julie Tarantiles
Karl Davies
Kern Fontaine
Jean Steiner
Mary S. Baker
Jeanne K. Baker
Jane Juel
Donald Asper
Jack Stevenson
Adelaide Quinn
John Snedeker
Anne OBrien
Tom Brunkow
Arline Steiner
Hugh Kremer
Paul Murphy
Louise Altman
Claire Hoiland
Don Ferris
Jean Dahl
Kathleen Mulholland
Leonard Langer
Otis Bergman
Betty Kindler
Sally Abrahams
Richard Fredell
Dick Compton
Mary Fleetham
Suzanne Kennon
Bill Damman
Cris Medchill
Kathy Gralhwol
Sue Mulvaney
Ronald Larsen
Wilfred Corson
Betsy Cambell
Shelia Glass
Don Larson
Mary Lou Autcliff
Mike Swirnoff
Toni Lee Goldish
Gail Taylor
Karen Johnson
Chuck Norris
Ralph Hoag
Ginny Etem
Karin Jean Johnson
Bill Wangensteen
Carol Johnston
Jane Townsend
Julie Gudmestad
Byron Nordstrom
Marilyn Staubly
Pamela Eustis
James McCreary
Marilyn Michales
Joy Satre
Lee Bachman
Nancy Kaiser
Don Eckhoff
Melanie Stewart
Barb Bowles
Anne Ludcke
Lynn Muedeking
Kris Nelson

Doris Dingley
Nancy Andreasen
Linda Warder
Nancy Goldman
Steven Norlin-Weaver
Laura Chin
Linda Tedford
Karl Frykman
Glen Ellis
John McCreary
Dave Ellis
Laurie Ruble
Dave Budge
Phil Christman
Fred Raich
Nikki St. Dennis
Lisa Tiedje
Lauren Nguyen
Denise Schmidt
Michael Turbes
Jeremy Kuether
Nick Henning
Cisa Manulikow
Kary Olson
Tiffany Day
Rosalynn Torrabla
Ben Kantor
Vanessa Lawrow
Cori Morse
Crystal Johnson
Annie Dahlquist
Kari Wendt
(Several years had a group of editors.)