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To create an environment that maximizes student participation, supports academic progress, and promotes physical, and social development. It is expected that all student-athletes display competitive spirit, exhibit good sportsmanship, and the Miller PRIDE throughout the year.

Washburn athletics has a long-standing tradition of winning with over 200 conference championships, 35 state championship game appearances and 20 state titles. We offer 24 athletic programs and several club program opportunities for students to participate.We believe that athletics are inherently educational and our programs provide valuable lessons for many practical situations. Through participation in our athletic programs, students will learn the benefits of teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, self-confidence, perseverance and the joy of achievement.


Are you new to WHS this year?

** ALL Transfer Students need to be cleared through AD’s Office **

All students who move to a new school in MN are considered ineligible for VARSITY

COMPETITION for one year unless one of the following credentials are met:

1. The students moves in prior to the 1st day of 9th Grade

2. The family physically moves to a new attendance area (note: not just rents a residence)

3. A court-ordered transfer takes place

4. A student w/divorced parents, both w/ legal physical custody (a one time move is allowed)

5. A move from out-of-state.

NOTES:  Ineligible means no Varsity Competition for ONE Calendar Year.


ELIGIBILITY- Academic Requirements

Minneapolis Public Schools

To be eligible, a student must be making satisfactory progress toward the school’s

requirement for graduation and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

• Failure at a marking period results in academic probation.

– Students who fall short of the academic standard are eligible to appeal.

– Student meets with teacher to develop a plan and timeline to address the “F”

– Weekly progress report- Teachers, Coach, AD, and Parent must sign.

– If student is not back on track after two weeks, they will be ineligible until the

next marking period.


ELIGIBILITY- Attendance Requirements

The Base Rule:

Students must be in school all day to participate.”

Exceptions to the Rule:

#1. PRE-Excused Absences;

ex: doctor, dentist, funeral, college visit.



Bring a Parent Note to Reggie Perkins in the Athletic Office in the morning.

A Doctor’s Note must return with the student!

*if the student returns during school-bring to the Attendance Office

*if the student returns after school- bring directly to coach.

**For any absences that do not involve a Dr’s note, but you feel could be excused,

please check with the Activities Office in advance.

NOT an Exception to the Rule:

…If a student leaves school because they get ill throughout the day, for their benefit and the safety of others around them, they may not participate that evening

…No sleeping-in the morning after a game/event!

…Too sick to come to school= too sick to play!


ELIGIBILITY- Chemical Violations

The Base Rule:

“Students shall not USE, CONSUME,


Tobacco, E-CIGs, alcohol, drugs,

or related paraphernalia.

* This rule applies all 12 months of the year *

Eligibility Violations- The Consequences

1st Violation:

Student will be ineligible for 2 games or 2 weeks whichever period is longer of regular

season contests. As a team member during ineligibility, athlete must

attend practices, meet team and coaches expectations, and complete the

season otherwise violation will carry over into next sport season.

2nd Violation:

Ineligible for 50% of regular season contests.

3rd Violation:

Ineligible for one calendar year.

Got Questions?

Chain of Communication

1st- Athlete should talk with their Direct Coach

2nd- Athlete, Direct Coach & Head Coach (together)

3rd- Athlete, Coach & Parent (together)

4th- Athlete, Coach, Parent and AD (together)

Focus will be on the wellbeing of the student & the good of the team.


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