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Biome Powerpoint Presentation
Choose one of the following biomes:
Deciduous Forest
Coniferous Forest
Coral reef

Prepare a 5-10 slide powerpoint presentation about a particular biome.
You must include the follwing:
The locations of where in the world you can find your biome.
Describe the climate and general apperance of your biome.
Pictures of 3-5 plants that can be found in your biome.
Pictures of 3-5 animals that can be found in your biome.
Discuss how your biome has been affected by humans.
What would you need to have to live in your biome.I

Include a foodweb of at least 6 organisms, and label them as producer, herbivore, carnivore, or decomposer.

Extra credit if you:
Get a climatogram for you biome.
Create a food web of at least four species in your biome.