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Welcome to the Washburn English Learner Program!

The Washburn English Learner (EL) Program serves students at all levels of language profiency. Our goal is to support students to become multilingual and multicultural learners. Students attend EL classes as part of their daily schedule. EL services are provided during co-taught mainstream grade-level classes and/or in stand-alone English Language Development (ELD) classes. Stand-alone ELD classes offered at Washburn include:

  • ESL 1 and ESL 2
  • Academic Language 9, 10, 11-12
  • Math Concepts
  • Sheltered Algebra
  • Sheltered Human Geography
  • Sheltered Physical Science

Academic Language Development classes support English Learners with the vocabulary, academic discourse, and writing demands of core content classes. Units of instruction are aligned with WIDA English Language Proficiency standards and are designed to increase students’ social and academic English skills to ensure success in content classes. We also offer support through the following co-taught classes:

  • Human Geography
  • Physical Science
  • AP US History
  • US History
  • World History
  • Government / Economics


Courses & Syllabi


Ginna Grussing - Lead

US History

Ana Arévalo


Intermediate Algebra

Academic Language Development 11-12

Susan Boen

Academic Language Development 10

Physical Science

World History 


Katie Murphy-Olsen


Academic Language Development 9

US History

Jonathan Rist

Human Geography


Dylan Woods-Weisman


Academic Language Development 9


World History