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Natural Selection
Natural Selection Lab
Open the activity Evolution Lab
Scroll down and open the Evolution Lab
Use the Right arrow under the words "Evolution Lab Introduction" to proceed. Answer the following questions.

1. What are the 5 parts of the theory of natural selection?

2. What is the process that will cause variation in this experiment?

3. What will be 'evolving'?

4. How will the creatures reproduce?

5. Using the example they used as a reference, explain how a wing could have evolved.

Select 'Natural Selection Simulation" From the Contents Menu and run the first experiment.

6. Before you begin, what is the mean phenotype (average height)?

7. Click on the go one cycle button. Continue clicking until you get a mutation. How many cycles did it take?

8. Continue moving forward until you get your mean phenotype is above three. How many cycles did that take?

9. Using the 50 cycle button move forward. What is happening to the population in general?

10. Is it possible (at these settings) to get an mean phenotype of 4.0? Why/Why not?

11. In the contents menu select further experiments. Write a summary for what happens when you do each of those 5 experiments.