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Washburn Mathematics
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JP Cain

Intermediate Algebra, Advanced Algebra

Jeanne Dobson

Advanced Algebra, IB Math HL Year 1

Luda Dorfman

Geometry, College Prep Algebra & Stats

Michael Gulliford

Advanced Algebra, IB Math Studies

Kara Hebl

IB Math SL Year 1 & 2

Cynthia Jones


Austin LeTexier

Advanced Algebra, Personal Finance

Derek Olson

Intermediate Algebra, IB Math SL Year 1     

Tom Piersma

Intermediate Algebra, AP Statistics, IB Math HL Year 2

Jay Selvaag

MCTC C-Now Applied Intermediate Algebra & Intro Statistics, AP Statistics

Rich Sudo


Join the Math Team!

Washburn's Math Team coaches are Mr. Selvaag and Mr. Olson.  

The Washburn Mathletes continue to bring strong competition to the Minneapolis Division and Section 6AAA. They have continued to place in the top 40 in the state and are always seeking out new members.

Find out more at the Washburn Math Team website!

Prepare for Advanced Algebra by watching these videos!

Equations of Lines

Systems of Equations

Six Parent Graphs

Translating Up/Down

Translating Parent Graphs

Functions & Evaluating Functions

Evaluating Functions from a Graph


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