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Mitosis Lab
This website allows you to look at many cells under magnification (just like you would do with a microscope in a classroom). Cells are constantly dividing and are in different phases of the cell cycle. Cells are either in interphase or in one of the phases of mitosis. In this lab you will learn to determine what phase a cell is in as it grows and divides, and what the purpose of each phase is. Use the link or go to the website

Follow the steps of the lab by clicking the 'next' button, and answering the first 2 questions.
1. Give a short description of what happens during interphase.
2. There are four phases of mitosis, list them in order, and describe what happens in each.

Now you know the 5 main phases of the cell cycle. An average cell takes 24 hours to go through the entire cycle and divide to form a new cell. It is possible to determine how much time is spent in each phase of the cell cycle, and that is what you will need to do in this lab. To do this you will need to determine how many cells are in each of the phases.
Follow the lab and identify which phase each of the following cells are in. When you are done identifying the cells, count up how many are in each phase and enter them into the table below.