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Academic Programming

Included in this section is information about Washburn's curriculum to assist students and their parents in planning for the upcoming school year and to assist in your four-year high school plan.

The courses you choose will play an important part in helping you decide your future direction. If you are interested in being an IB Diploma Candidate, be sure to talk with the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, Aaron Percy, you can map your schedule for the full four years.  Also, be sure to check prerequisites for advanced courses which you may want to take at a later time.

Seek the advice of your parents, teachers, and counselors. Although you must take final responsibility for your course selections, they can help guide you to make wise decisions.

Please remember that the courses actually offered may change. This is because classes are formed and staff is assigned based on the number of students registered. Courses will not be offered if insufficient numbers of students enroll in a particular course.

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