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Information for All Classes (e.g. wish list, schedule)

With the shift to distance learning I encourage students to please visit the Google Classroom sites for information and remember to check e-mail daily! Parents, please reach out via e-mail ( and I will reply promptly.


Are you looking for Ms. B's recommendation letter request form????  Here it is: Recommendation Request 


Here you will find my schedule and our classroom wish list.  Course supply lists are included with the syllabus for each course, found on Google Classroom (Government & Economics or IB History Year 1).

Classroom Wish List

I am more than happy to provide you with a letter documenting your donation if desired.  Thank you!

Kleenex - for allergy and cold season

Granola Bars - for kids who get too busy for breakfast or lunch

Post-It Easel Pads (chart paper) - for all that braintorming and spider grams

Colored copy paper - for those extra special items that need to stand out

Lotion - for those dry winter months

Schedule & Extra Help Availability

Extra Help Availability: I have arranged to have 4th hour prep so that I can meet with students during any given lunch period. Students can feel free to just stop by or if they want to be sure I am available can make an appointment. I am also available for the 15 minutes before school starts most days.


Hour 1: Government & Economics

Hours 2-3: IB History

Hour 4: Lunch/Prep

Hours 5: IB History