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AP Statistics

Prerequisite: Advanced Algebra

Grades: 10-12

Course Description:  AP Statistics is the equivalent of a one semester, introductory college statistics course. In this course, students develop strategies for collecting, organizing, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Students will learn how to design, administer, and tabulate results from surveys and experiments, probability and simulations will aid students in constructing models for chance phenomena, and the understanding of sampling distributions will provide the logical structure for confidence intervals and hypothesis tests. To develop effective statistical communication skills, students are required to prepare frequent written and oral analyses of real data.

Instructional Methods/Assessments:  Instructional methods include lectures, demonstrations using statistical software and web-based applets, group discussion, and individual/group investigations. Assessments include homework, classwork, tests, small projects, and a large project following the AP exam.

Recommended Background for Success:  This is recommended for students who were strong in Advanced Algebra (a B or better) or teacher recommendation. It is expected that students have a graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus) for daily use on classwork and homework. Students should be able to solve equations; represent and solve real-world problems using equations and diagrams; display data in histograms, boxplots, and scatterplots; have a strong understanding of probability.

AP Statistics Syllabus (2017-18)