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Application for Educational Benefits

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If your family qualified for Free/Reduced lunch last year, you still need to complete the application again this year to qualify for the benefits. The form must be completed each year. The grace period ends next week on October 9th and after that date your family will start being charged for lunches. You can get an immediate answer about eligibility by going to . If you need assistance filling out the form or accessing the schoolcafe website, please call our office for help! These applications are confidential and your personal information will be protected. 

Keep in mind that not only can your family receive some benefits such as free or reduced lunch, there are many other benefits such as:

- discounted athletic fees
- testing fee waivers
- discounted public transportation fees
- scholarships 

Washburn receives much needed funding from the federal government based on families who complete the benefits form and qualify. Paper forms available in the main office.