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Site Council Minutes
April 16, 2015

Washburn Site Council Minutes

Members in Attendance

Rich Flint
Virginia de la Riva
Brad Peterson
Margaret Richardson
Tom Arneson

Rebecca Felland Syring
Mike Wedl
Tristen Lindemann
Rhonda Dean
Nilo Guanzon
Peter Grul
Lulu Bauermeister




Virginia and Rich opened the meeting.

Site Council Update:

The Site Council bylaws are up for review and renewal. Members are asked to review the bylaws and suggest any changes they would like to see. The bylaws will be voted on in May.

Site Council Membership for the 2015-2016 school year needs to be confirmed. Of the current site council members, here is their status:

Rebecca Felland Syring
Margaret Richardson
Mike Wedl
Virginia de la Riva
Steph Smith
Tristen Lindemann

Rich Flint - stepping down as co-chair - WIll be a Community Rep next year and following year.
Peter Grul - stepping down as a teacher representative

Martin Abrams - offers expertise in marketing or as a community member
Brad Peterson - offers to continue as a community member

Rhonda Dean will select the Site Council leader to continue for a 2 year term and serve with Virginia de la Riva. Anyone interested in this position who currently is serving on Site Council, should contact Principal Dean via email by Monday, 4/20. Emails will be sent to those not present asking their status on Site Council and interest in a leadership position.

Leadership Updates:

Marketing plan will be discussed at a meeting on May 6th. A template for Washburn communications among other things will be discussed.

MCA Update - 268 juniors completed the math test out of a possible 320 juniors for an 85% completion rate. MCAs were taken in math and science.

Of the students who did not take the math test, 1 opted out with a 504 plan, 6 were foreign students. 12 students were special ed, 10 opted out and 12 did not start the test.

On the science test, 218 students completed the test, 20 partially completed it and 81 did not start the test. The science MCA is not part of the calculation for Annual Yearly Progress (AYP)  

Budget -
Art - 1.2 FTE
English .4 FTE
Health 1.0 FTE
Math .8 FTE
Music .4 FTE
Science .5 FTE
Social Studies .4 FTE
World Language 1.2 FTE (ASL .8, French .4)

Additional money was added for expanding the school day to 7 periods and additional money was received because our enrollment in increasing.

Dean 1.0 FTE
Security 1.0 FTE
Media AE
Career Center .5 FTE (.25 funded by Achieve MPS)
Writing Center AE ($ from the foundation)
SPED Coordinator 1.0 FTE (SPAN/WRAP/IEPs)
Advanced Academic Coordinator 1.0 FTE (IB/PSEO/AP)
SEAs 2.5 hours/week for extended day

  • Extended Day - 50 minute class periods for 7 periods
  • 1 advisory / ESO program 1 time per week
  • Structured study hall
  • All students expected to have a full schedule
  • Freshman / Sophomore reading class in addition to the regular english class with an reading teachers and 20 - 30 students
  • A school within a school to be locate at Ramsey for Seniors who are deficient in credits. They will attend the credit recovery at Ramsey in the morning and regular classes in the afternoon. This is funded through ALC dollars
  • Purchase 4 computer on wheels (COW) with 30 - 34 computers 
  • Free hour must be 1st or 7th to maintain