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8-Point Grading System


8 out of 8 points

100%     A

Exceeds learning target(s)

7 out of 8 points

87.5 %   A-

Consistently meets or exceeds learning target(s)

6 out of 8 points

75%       B-

Consistently meets learning target(s)

5 out of 8 points

62.5%    C-

Generally meets learning target(s)

4.16 out of 8 points

52%       D-


4 out of 8 points

50%       F

Despite attempt, does not meet learning target(s)

0 to 4.16 out of 8 points

0 – 52% F

Does not meet learning target(s) and did not attempt the problem/did not show evidence of learning that occurred in or outside of class.


Individual learning targets will be assessed throughout each unit, about every two weeks. Each learning target will be scored on a scale from 0 to 8. The grade will be assigned based how you demonstrate your understanding of a given learning target. As long as you have attempted each problem for a learning target, you should not receive anything lower than 4 out of 8. Grades of 5-8 will generally depend on how many questions were answered correctly, but will also take work shown into account if an answer is incorrect but the thinking is correct. If you do not meet a learning target you will need more practice (on your own or with help after school). You will then be able to retake that learning target by making arrangements to come before or after school.


Your final overall grade will be determined using the following percentages:


A       92-100%     (an average of 8) Consistently exceed learning targets

A -    87.5-92%     (an average of 7) Consistently meets or exceeds learning targets


B +   83.5-87.5%         

B       79-83.5%   

B -    75-79%         (an average of 6) Consistently meets learning targets


C +   71-75%         

C       66.5-71%   

C -    62.5-66.5%   (an average of 5) Generally meets learning targets


D +   58.5-62.5%         

D       54.5-58.5%         

D -    52-54.5%    (an average of 4.16) Making progress/meeting few learning targets


F       0-52%      Shows no progress towards meeting learning targets