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Susan Boen, ELL Teacher

I started working at Washburn in 2014 and have worked in the Minneapolis Public Schools since 2012. I love working at Washburn. It supports co-teaching and increasing rigor for all students.

I received my Bacherlor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota  in International Relations. I went to Bologna, Italy to teach English and ended up staying and living there for seven years. After I came back to Minnesota, I worked in various companies and then decided go to Hamline for my teaching license and Masters degree in ELL. I love teaching all students and I've found that teaching is a very challenging and rewarding profession. I love to travel and have recently visited Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Cuba.

I will be co-teaching IB History yr 1 with Paul Czarneski and IB History yr 2 with Eduardo Romo; three sections of World History with Kate Hennessey-Fiske in addition to Academic Language 10. I love the diversity in our classes so that everyone can appreciate all perspectives.

Please contact me with any questions or comments. The best way to contact me is