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Challenge yourself to "THE Washburn one ninety-two point five"

Grant running

Are you ready to get active, build community, and challenge yourself?

Then you’re ready to participate in “THE Washburn one ninety-two point five”

Challenge yourself to run, walk, or bike 192.5 miles from September 8 through October 13. You have 35 days to average 5.5 miles a day to finish the challenge.

Why 192.5? Washburn first welcomed students into the building in 1925.

There are three divisions of competition: Students, Staff, and community.

How do you participate in the competition?

Run, Walk, or Bike OUTSIDE and then...

Log your miles each day that were covered on the ground outside and with intentionality, not just strolling around the dwelling but actually going on a “walk” or “run” or “bike ride” using the Google Form that is linked on the Washburn website.

New to running, walking, or biking and thinking that 5.5 miles a day is too much?

Join the Mini-Miller instead and challenge yourself to 96.25 miles total or 2.75 miles a day.

Keep an eye out for prizes and swag opportunities!

Questions? Email

Sponsored by the Washburn Outdoor Adventure Club!