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Student Drop Off & Pick Up


Washburn has a new process for morning and afternoon drop off and pick up. The district safety and security office has informed us that our current situation poses serious safety risks to students and families. We will have two weeks to practice, and the new rules will be enforced starting after MEA. 

NEW PROCESS: Vehicles should not enter the 50th parking street lot at all unless they are parking in a lined space.  Currently, many parents enter the lot to drop off or wait for their student. Entering the lot and waiting in a line blocks in other cars and creates traffic jams causing the safety concerns, so our community cannot stop our cars in the upper lot to drop off or pick up students any longer. Also, cars should never stop on 50th St.

The appropriate drop-off and pick up spots are marked with signs on Pleasant Avenue and on 49th street. Families may also pull in at door number 3 in the lower lot if your student needs to be close to a door. These three areas are the only areas where a car should ever stop for a student to get in or out.

As of 10-8-19, the curb has been painted RED. "NO Stopping" signs are coming next week, along with additional fire lane paint. The new protocol will be enforced starting on Monday, 10-21-19

We realize that it can be hard to create new habits, and we know it will take some reminders to put this process in place. We appreciate everyone working with us to keep our spaces safe for our students. Thank you!