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Chapter 6 - Containment in Asia

Guiding Questions (if you can answer these you've taken good enough notes):

  1. What's the Domino Theory?
  2. What countries were previously considered Indochina?
  3. Who were the leaders of North Vietnam and South Vietnam?
  4. Why did some Buddhist monks self-immoliate?
  5. Why is the Gulf of Tonkin significant?
  6. What are the Green Berets?
  7. What was the Tet Offensive?
  8. What was the Nixon Doctrine or Vietnamization?
  9. What happened during the My Lai Massacre?
  10. Why was Cambodia bombed?
  11. What did the Paris Peace Accords decide and when were they signed?
  12. Is it fair to call this Johnson's War? OPINION

Helpful definitions to know before reading:

  • War of attrition: a war that tries to wear the other side down by forcing it to use all of its resources (military and non-military)
  • Search & Destroy: a military tactic that involves seeking out the enemy and destroying it or its supplies
  • Guerrilla tactics: military strategy that uses small, mobile groups to carry out ambushes and surprises attacks
  • Defoliant: a chemical that causes plants and trees to lose their leaves