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Chapter 8 - Estimating with Confidence

Here are online resources, notes, classwork and homework assignments for Chapter 8.

Against All Odds Videos:
Confidence Intervals
Small Sample Inference for One Mean
Inference for Proportions
 (Story 0-5:44, Interval 8:00-8:56, Story 8:56-10:46)





Friday 1/18 TopicIntro to Inference  
Tues-Wed 1/22-23 Topic: Intro to Inference continued
Intro to Inference Answer Key
Read p.477-484
Intro to Inference Packet #1-3
Due Thursday 1/31
Monday 1/28 Snow Day  
Tuesday 1/29 Cold Day  
Wednesday 1/30 Cold Day  
Thursday 1/31 Cold Day  
Friday 2/1 Topic: Confidence Interval for a Population Proportion
Read p.492-498
8.2 (p.504) #27,28,32,36,49,50
Due Tuesday 2/4
Monday 2/4 Topic: One-Proportion z Interval
Classwork and Answer Key
Tuesday 2/5 Topic: Sample Size for a Desired Margin of Error
Classwork and Answer Key
Read p.501-503
Wednesday 2/6 Topic: Confidence Interval for a Population Mean
Read p.508-509
One-Sample z Interval worksheet
Due Thursday 2/7
Thursday 2/7 TopicStory of William S. Gosset and the
t distribution
Read p.508-513
Friday 2/8 Sigh... Snow Day  
Monday 2/11 Topic: One-Sample t Interval
Classwork and Answer Key
Read p.518-521
8.3 (p.527) #55,63,66,75,77
Due Tuesday 2/12
Tuesday 2/12 Topic: Graphing for Normality
Classwork and Answer Key
Read p.514-518
Wednesday 2/13 Topic: Sample Size for a Desired Margin of Error
Choosing Sample Size Classwork and Answer Key
Choosing Types of Intervals Classwork and Answer Key
Thursday 2/14 Review for Ch. 8 Test
Ch. 8 Review and Answer Key
Tuesday 2/19 CHAPTER 8 TEST  

​Chapter 8 Documents: