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Chapter 9 - Testing a Claim

Here are online resources, notes, classwork and homework assignments for Chapter 9.

FiveThirtyEight article on the interpretation of P-values

Against All Odds Videos:
Tests of Significance
Inference for Proportions
(Story 0-5:44, Test 5:44-8:00, Story 8:56-10:46)





Thursday 2/21 Topic: Hypotheses in Significance Tests
Read p.539-540
Hypotheses in Significance Tests wkst
Due Friday 2/22
Friday 2/22 Topic: P-Values
Classwork and Answer Key
Read p.541-546
9.1 (p.551) #1,7,8,11,15,17,18
Due Monday 2/25
Monday 2/25 Topic: Type I and II Errors
Read p.547-549
9.1 (p.551) #21,24-28
Due Tuesday 2/26
Tuesday 2/26 Topic: More Type I and II Errors, Power
Classwork and Answer Key
Read p.565-569
Wednesday 2/27 Topic: One-Proportion z Tests
Power Applet
More on Errors and Power Classwork and 
Answer Key
Read p.554-561
One-Proportion z Tests wkst
Due Thursday 2/28
Thursday 2/28 Topic: More One-Proportion z Tests
Classwork and Answer Key
Read p.565-563
Friday 3/1 Topic: Tests Using Confidence Intervals
Tests Using Confidence Intervals wkst
Read p.563-564
Monday 3/4 Topic: One-Sample z Tests
Classwork and Answer Key
More One-Sample z Tests Classwork 
Answer Key
Read p.575-578
Tuesday 3/5 Topic: One-Sample t Tests
Classwork and Answer Key
Read p.579-586
Wednesday 3/6 Topic: More One-Sample t Tests, Calculator Tips
Classwork and Answer Key
Read p.575-586
9.2 (p.570) #59-62
9.3 (p.595) #95-98
Due Thursday 3/7
Thursday 3/7 Topic: Paired t Tests
Classwork and Answer Key
Read p.586-588
Friday 3/8 Review for Ch. 9 Test
Ch. 9 Review and Answer Key
Monday 3/11 CHAPTER 9 TEST  

​Chapter 9 Documents: