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College Prep Algebra & Statistics

Grades: 12
Prerequisite: Advanced Algebra

Course Description:  College Prep Algebra & Statistics will focus on providing a strong conceptual foundation in algebraic relationships and statistical analysis to prepare students to take credit-bearing college math classes. Students will apply practical algebraic skills to further and deepen understanding of the interconnectedness of mathematics, through linear, exponential, quadratic and logarithmic relationships. 

Instructional Methods/Assessments:  Instructional methods include lectures, discussions, cooperative learning, and individual investigations. Assessments include daily work, homework, tests, quizzes and final exam.

Recommended Background for Success:  This course is open to all students who have taken Advanced Algebra. Students should be able to solve multi-step equations including quadratics and systems of equations. Students should have an understanding and use of number operations and order of operations with integers as well as fractions, percents, ratios and proportions. Students should have a solid understanding of graphing all types of functions. Students should be familiar with graphing calculators.