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Current Event Reflection Criteria


Current Event Reflections



Student will be able to analyze health information and be able to convey pertinent information to family, friends and peers to improve health.


How To:


  • Find health articles authored from the current semester.  Articles can be found in the newspaper, web-based, literature, magazines, journals etc.
  • Read the Article!!
  • Begin typing your paper
    • 1 page, 12 font, double spaced, default margins)
    • Name
    • Hour
    • First ½ of the page: Summarize the article in your own words
    • Second ½ of the page: Analysis/Real-world connection:
      • What’s the moral of the story?
      • What did you learn from reading this article?
      • How does this article make you a smarter healthier person
      • URL:


Requirements and due dates

Health Science 9 - (4/quarter due every other week on Wednesday)

Health 2 - (8/quarter due every other week on Wednesday)


  • Final product must be uploaded to our class page.


  • Be mindful of plagiarism, as there is zero tolerance for that in this course and any plagiarizes articles will result in non-gradable papers for all parties involved.


  • Early work is never late.  You can do all Current Events after the 2nd week of the quarter if you want too.


  • Many colleges across the USA utilize, so I’m helping you bridge the gap between HS and Post-Secondary levels.