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Steps to Political, Economic, & Military Division of Europe, Part I

Include the following in your notes (these appear in the same order as the reading):

  • Two Germanys
  • Grand Alliance - who was in it and the connection with Allies & The Big Three
  • Wartime Conferences (Tehran, Yalta, Potsdam) should EACH include the following information: when, where, State of the War, Germany, Poland, Eastern Europe, the UN, Japan
  • Wartime Conferences - also include the change in representatives and goals between Yalta and Potsdam
  • Read but do NOT take notes on the Document Analysis purple box on pages 14-15
  • Percentages Agreement
  • Salami Tactics
  • Iran
  • Kennan's Long Telegram - Kennan bio, main points, time, significance
  • Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech - main points, time, significance, Soviet reaction