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Drone Racing Team


Advisor: Grul (

Meetings: Usually Tuesdays and Thursays at Washburn - email Grul for more information.

We race in the Youth Drone Sports Championship (YDSC), part of the HydraFPV Drone Racing League. 

Shout out to our racing mentor, a Washburn alumnus, Bryan “Pegasus” Bennett, and our sponsors – the Miller Mart and MinneAnalytics!


2020-21 Season

The 2021 season is complete! We tied for 5th among 13 teams in the MN State Championship.

All our races this season were individual time trials held at either Washburn or RdyTechGo at the Mall of America.


2019-20 Season

Racing went virtual in mid-March using Velocidrone.

Washburn 10th grade rookie drone racers Mac “Big Mac” Hearn and Graham “FiZyxZ” Adleman won the AA teams bracket at the MN State High School Drone Racing Championship on 17 May 2020. They advanced to the AAA teams bracket, shown live on Fox Sports North, and posted their best times yet against some stiff veteran pilot competition.

Watch the races here:   (Washburn’s first race is at 31:00)

Two news articles featuring several Washburn student drone racers: