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Drop Off & Pick Up At WHS & Justice Page

Drop Off/Pick Up Map
Please only pull over in the green areas! Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been following our procedures for traffic before & after school! The following information was sent as an auto-call on 9-16 and an email on 9-23. Please contact Dr. Palmer (or Principal Tenner at Justice Page) with any questions or feedback. Thank you!  

Here is what we are asking of all families if you drop off or pick up a student at Washburn: 

  1. Students should ALWAYS be dropped off or picked up on the school side of the street. Your student should not have to cross the street - this is a big part of what’s clogging up traffic. 

  2. All drop off & pick up should happen where you see the signs that say Student Drop Off. On 49th Street, that is the length of the block from our stadium to our western driveway. On Pleasant Ave, that is along the school between the two parking lots. 

  3. Cars should never stop for drop off or pick up near the corner - this backs up traffic. Be sure you pull PAST the driveway whether you are on Pleasant or 49th. 

  4. Cars should never come into Washburn parking lots for drop off or pick up. Parking lots are for staff & visitor parking ONLY. 

  5. When possible, please arrive before 8:20 in the morning and after 3:15 in the afternoon. This will allow our Washburn buses to get in and out with less traffic, and allow the Justice Page buses to come up 49th Street with less traffic as well. 

We strongly encourage students to walk or bike to school when possible. This is better for health and also for the environment. Students who live within 2 miles should only need a ride when the weather is very cold, or in special circumstances. Students who live more than 2 miles away should have a bus card and be able to take MTC. 

Thank you so much to parents who have reached out to us with suggestions about how to best organize our traffic. We know that changes at Justice Page this year - more students, more buses and a time change - caused some unexpected challenges for the whole block. We are working together with the team at Page to create the best plan for everyone. We appreciate your help and support. 

Please reach out to Dr. Palmer at or 612-668-3402 with feedback. Thank you so much, and have a great day!