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1. I learned a lot about Shingle Creek in this class.

2. I learned a lot about how to communicate with
my community and political representatives in this class.

3. My teachers were prepared to teach this class.

4. I would recommend this class to my friends.

5. My classsmates were cooperative and good students.

6. I knew how my grade would be determined.

7. I felt comfortable coming to school and participating in this class.

8. As a result of this class, I am more conscious about the environment.

9. As a result of this class, I will volunteer
and participate in activities to improve the environment.

10. As a result of this class I can communicate best
environmental practices to my friends and family.

11. I am interested in enrolling in a class like this again in the future.

12. This class has better prepared me for future coursework
in science and social studies.

One message that I would like to give all of my school
year teachers at Patrick Henry is...
Parting thoughts, comments, or concerns: