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Mitchell Fettig, Spanish Teacher
Profe Mitch en Córdoba
Ernesto the cactus, my Spanish class mascot
Ernesto the cactus, my Spanish class mascot


My name is Profe Mitch. I'm excited to be teaching Spanish 3 again here at Washburn!

I completed my undergraduate degree in Spanish at UW-Madison and my graduate degrees in education from UMN-Twin Cities. Prior to joining Minneapolis Public Schools, I had taught English in a bilingual high school in Spain, adult ESL & GED here in Minneapolis, and Spanish at an immersion preschool.

I teach Spanish 3 here at Washburn in the early periods; then, I am over at Barton with the middle schoolers (also teaching Spanish). Because I am between schools every day, the most effective way to contact me is by email ( or by talking to me in person before/after class. 

PDF Spanish 3 Syllabus   --  Course overview, grading and attendance polices, etc.