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Geometry Course at a Glance - a list of Units and Learning Targets

The District CAG (course at a glance lists the 7 units that are to be covered this year along with the long - term learning targets for each unit).

Geometry CAG
Quarter 4

Learning Targets - Quarter 4

Unit 6 - Circles - ( approx 4 weeks)
Learning Target 6.1: I can solve problems and justify my results using properties of circles.
Learning Target 6.2:  I can generate, justify, and apply the equation of a circle and analyze the effects of translations on the equation.
Learning Target 6.3: I can measure perimeter and area of complex 2-dimensional figures.
Unit 7 - Solids - ( approx 4 weeks)
Learning Target 7.1: I can calculate surface area and volume of pyramids, cones and spheres.
Learning Target 7.2:  I can compose and decompose 3 dimensional figures to determine surface area and volume of various figures.
Learning Target 7.3: I can explain and demonstrate the effect of scale factor on length, area, and volume.