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Links to help you find a place to volunteer

Junior year is really the year to engage fully with your community -- at school and out side of school. You should absolutely be onvolved with a school club, but also volunteer somewhere. The links below will give you a place to start looking...

An after school activity or club. This can be a sport or better yet, an extra-curricular activity.

Check the Washburn page for activities. Email the advisor and find out how to join.

Another possibility is that you create your own club.


A volunteer position within your community. You can find your own volunteering job – like in your church or community/park center, but otherwise you need to look for something. Pay attention to the descriptions. Not all opportunities are available for people under the age of 18.

Good search engine – use the advanced search.,%20MN,%20USA&categories=22

Volunteer Match for teens

Another good search engine

A decent list, though not necessarily close by opportunities

Search engine, more basic than the first two

Short list for teens

TWO PDF brochures of opportunities