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Wendy Glenna, Physical Education Teacher
Just Try

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.                       John F. Kennedy  

Welcome to the most fun!  I really enjoy teaching this class.  I grew up a gymnast and once I quit competing I immediately tranisitioned into the world of fitness.  Having an online fitness curriculum will give you lots of opportunities to try different things.  The important thing is that you try everything and figure out what motivates you.  My job is to introduce you to all the activities and help you understand the benefits.

Our school will be running an A/B block schedule with hours 1,2 and three on A day and 4,5 and 6 on B day.  THe first week of school Tuesday will be an A day and Wed will be a B day because of the holiday on Monday.  The second week of school, A day will be on Monday and Thursday and B day will be on Tuesday and Friday with Wednesday being a check in day for all classes.  I know that is alot of indformation and I wanted to let you know what Fitness for LIfe would like as soon as possible.    I will be contacting you via your email address before school starts to invite you to my google classsroom.  

This will be my 28th year of teaching in Minneapolis.  I spent twenty plus years at a K- 8 school called Anne Sullivan.  When my own two boys started HIgh School, I transferred to Washburn and have enjoyed every day.  My children grew up playing football, baseball, LAX, soccer and basketball.

They are lucky enough to still be competing in college.  My older child competes in football and my younger child competes in LAX.  I still enjoy running, weight room workouts and as much minfulness training ( like yoga) as possible.  

I cant wait to meet you!

IF you want to connect before school starts the best way to reach me is my email


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