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Host Family Needed


Make your family an international one – host an AFS international exchange student! Francesco from Italy is a student at Washburn HS this year, and for a variety of reasons (none related to Francesco) his host family isn’t able to continue hosting him much longer. His host parents enjoy having him around have said he’s an easy young man to host! Francesco is a talkative, fun, nice young man. At home in Italy he enjoys skiing and volleyball, and he has joined the robotics team at Washburn this year. He’s also thinking about playing rugby in the spring. He is allergic to cats, so he needs a host family without cats.

Francesco is really enjoying being a student at Washburn HS this year, and we’d love to find a Washburn family to continue hosting him so he won’t need to change schools!

AFS host families come in all shapes and sizes – single parents, single adults with no kids, two-parent families,  and LGBT families are all welcome! Host families are responsible for providing the exchange student with the following:
1.       3 meals a day
2.       His or her own bed (students can share a bedroom with one host sibling of the same gender)
3.       Transportation to-and-from school (this can be a school bus, carpool, or if you’re close enough, walking!)
4.       An American experience!

Hosting Francesco is a unique opportunity that can give your family a chance to learn more about life in Italy. It’s also a chance for you to share your favorite things about Minneapolis with an international teenager! Many host families stay in contact with their exchange students for years after the exchange year is complete and truly come to think of their student as a member of the family.

If you’re interested, or would like more information, contact Emily Turner (AFS field staff in Minneapolis) at or 612-219-6041.