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Quarter 4 Weekly Game Plan 2019



Monday: April 8 Welcome back - hist context research

Tuesday: April 9 Hist context presentation 

Wednesday: April 10 Documentary 

Thursday:April 11 NO SCHOOL

Friday: April 12  Begin Zeitoun - reading day


Monday: April 15 Intro to WT 1 

Tuesday: April 16 -- Poetry Tuesday

Wednesday: April 17 -- Creative Writing #1

Thursday: April 18 -- SID #1  pgs 1-81

Friday: April 19 -- Project Success 

WT #1 Rubric

WT Instruction Sheet

WT 1: Janie's Diary 

WT 1: Listicle

WT 1: Poem

WT 1: Tabloid


Blood Dazzler Analsis Instructions

Creative Writing #1: Listicle or Interview Instructions

Monday: April 22 - ACT Practice

Tuesday: April 23 -- Poetry Tuesday 

Wednesday: Apirl 24 - ACT for All

Thursday: April 25 - SID #2

Friday:April 26  Creative Writing #2 - Memoir or Additional Scene

Weekly Presentation

Example of ACT Essay

Essay Prompt Examples

ACT Practice - link here

Memoir or Additional Scene Presentation

Angelou Extract

Monday: April 29 -- additional scene/memoir workday

Tuesday: April 30 -- graphic novel/poem/song lyric

Mr. Percy's IB survey

Wednesday: May 1 -- workday

Thursday: May 2 speech, obit, or newspaper article

Friday: May 3workday 

Graphic Novel/Poetry/Song Lyrics Presentation

Sestina Poetry instructions

Pink Song Lyrics

WT #1 Samples Score Sheet

Speech identification worksheet

Winfrey Speech

WT Speech Example with Scores; Mandela Speech

Editorial, Opinion Column Instructions

Example: Opinion Column

Example: Editorial

Presentation: speech, Opinion Colum, Editorial

Monday: May 6 -- Final SID and Quiz Zeitoun

Tuesday: May 7 - intro to WT1

Wednesday: May 8 - proposal

Thursday: May 9 - Ms. DeJong proposal check

Friday: May 10 - workday

Additonal Scene Example

Interview Example

Memoir Example

Poem/Sestina Example

Speech Example

Monday: May 13 - workday

Tuesday: May 14 - peer review #1

Wednesday: May 15 - intro to rationale

Thursday: May 16 - workday

Friday: May 17 - first draft due 

Creative Writing Mechanics

Rationale Checklist


Monday: May 20 - Peer Review #2

Tuesday: May 21 - Conferences

Wednesday: May 22 - Conferences

Thursday: May 23 - Workday


Written Task Score Chart




Thursday: May 30 - BEASTS SID

Friday: May 31- 


Monday: June 3

Tuesday: June 4

Wednesday: June 5 

Thursday: June 6

Friday: June 7

Common App Essays and Tips


Common App Essay Website

Common App Tips

NYT Essay Picks! 

Monday: June 10

Tuesday: June 11

Wednesday: June 12

Thursday: June 13

Friday: June 14



Quarter 3 Weekly Game Plan (2019)

Mechanics Unit 1 - Master Presentation COMMAS

Mechancis Unit 2 - Master Presentation MLA Formatting

Mechanics Unit 3: Semicolons, Colons, Hyphens, Dashes

Mechanics Unit 4: Who/Whom; Apostrophes


Links to Blogs

Links to Websites

Monday, Jan 28: Welcome Back Survey, Intro to Blog ShareOuts, Fix a Blog

Tuesday, Jan 29: Public Speaking

Wednesday, Jan 30:

Thursday, Jan 31:

Friday, Feb 1:

Blog Share-Out Rubric find here

Monday, Feb 4: Lit Circle Previews

Tuesday, Feb 5: Finish Previews. ACT Writing hints.

Wednesday, Feb 6: ACT Writing In-Class Essay.

Thursday, Feb 7: Introduce WIX

Friday, Feb 8: Book Checkout. Home Page

Weekly Presentation

ACT Writing Example here.

ACT Scoring rubric: here

WIX Website instructional video click here

Sample WIX websites click here

Monday, Feb 11:Home Page cont.

Tuesday, Feb 12: Reading Day

Wednesday, Feb 13: Author Biography Page

Thursday, Feb 14: Discussion #1

Friday, Feb 15: NO SCHOOL

Author Biography rubric

Author Bio Instructions Video

Home Page Info

Book Club #1 sheet here

Monday, Feb 18: President's Day - NO SCHOOL (home page due)

Tuesday, Feb 19: Project Success

Wednesday, Feb 20: Issues and Violations PLUS mechanics practice. (Author bio due)

Thursday, Feb 21: Documentary Pre-Viewing Activity

Friday, Feb 22: Documentary Day

Issues and Violations RUBRIC

Issues and Violations instructional video click here

Comma Rules Compiled - click here

Comma Quiz #1

Comma Quiz #2

Semicolons and Colons Quiz #1

Semicolons nad Colons Quiz #1

Hyphens/Dashes Quiz #1

Hyphens/Dashes Quiz #2

Monday, Feb 25: Documentary Discussion

Tuesday, Feb 26: Mechanics Quiz

Wednesday, Feb 27: Grade Mechanics Quiz

Thursday, Feb 28: Book Cover Essay

Friday, March 1: Book Club Meeting #2

Book Club #2

Weekly Presentation

Lit Circle Cover Write Up

Monday, March 4: Introduce FOAs

Tuesday, March 5: FOA Workday

Wednesday, March 6:Mechanics/Book Activity

Thursday, March 7: Book Club Meetig #3

Friday, March 8: Introduce Advertisement Page

FOA Grading Rubric

FOA Instruction Sheet

Weekly Presentaiton

Advertisement Rubric

Pictochart tutorial

Advertisement instructions


Book Club #3

Monday, March 11:Advertisement Page Workday

Tuesday, March 12: Website Shareouts

Wednesday, March 13: Website Shareouts

Thursday, March 14: FOA Workday

Friday, March 15: Project Success

Weekly Presentation

Who/Whom Practice and Answers


Monday, March 18: FOAs

Tuesday, March 19: FOAs

Wednesday, March 20: FOAs

Thursday, March 21: FOAs

Friday, March 22: FOAs

Italics/Quotations practice

Italics/Quotations practice #2


Monday March 25: Mechanics Prep

Tuesday, March 26: Mechanics Exam

Wednesday, March 27: Grade Mechanics Exam

Thursday, March 28: Thursday Funday

Friday, March 29: BREAK!!





Quarter 2 Weekly Game Plan (2018-19)

DeJong - Syllabus

Mechanics Unit 1 - Master Presentation COMMAS

Mechancis Unit 2 - Master Presentation MLA Formatting

Mechanics Unit 3: Semicolons, Colons, Hyphens, Dashes

Mechanics Unit 4: Who/Whom; Apostrophes

Links to Blogs

Link to FOA Presentations

Mon,  Nov 5: Review Mechanics, Course Evaluation

Tues, Nov 6: Reading Quiz pg 168-224 Character Posters

Wed, Nov 7: Character Poster Presentations; create SID questiosn

Thurs, Nov 8: SID #1 and Blog #4

Fri, Nov 9: SID #1 and Blog #4

Weekly Presentation

Character Poster Assignment

Hour 1: Character Paragraph

Hour 2: Character Paragraphs

Hour 5: Character Paragraphs

GG SID #1 Question Bank

SID Blank Template

Blog #4: Garcia Creative Rewrite

Mon, Nov 12: Quiz: 224-end   (SID stations)

Tues, Nov 13: Book Preview

Wed, Nov 14: Historical Context Research

Thurs, Nov 15: Reading Day

Fri, Nov 16: Project Success

Weekly Presentation

Blog #5 - Let the Bad Guy Speak!

Historical Context Research

Quotations/Underlining Practice #1

Mon, Nov 19: Intro to FOAs

Tues, Nov 20: FOA example and Workday

 NO SCHOOL W-TH -Thanksgiving Break

FOA Options

FOA Instructio Sheet

Example FOA

Mon, Nov 26: Reading Quiz #1 and FOA Workday

Tues, Nov 27: Book Activity #1

Wed, Nov 28: Book Activity #2

Thurs, Nov 29: FOA #1

Fri, Nov 30: FOA #2

Weekly Presentation

Acitvity #1: Musical Chairs

Activity #2: Close Reading

Baldwin Article for FOA


Mon, Dec 3: Student Survey. Reading Quiz #2

Tues, Dec 4: FOA #3

Wed, Dec 5: FOA #4

Thurs, Dec 6: Book Activity #3

Fri, Dec 7: QUIZ TEWWG 194 - end SID Prep


Weekly Presentation

Select Student Survey

- Enter birthday, ID. 

- You can skip questions you don't want to answer

Hour 1 - Activity #3

Hour 2 - Activity #3

Hour 5 - Activity #3


Mon, Dec 10: SID #1

Tues, Dec 11: SID #1

Wed, Dec 12: Shakespeare Unit

Thurs, Dec 13: Mechanics Quiz

Fri, Dec 14: Project Success

SID Blank Template

SID Question Bank

Non-SID Activity: Writing Prompt


Mon, Dec 17: Field Trip!

Tues, Dec 18: Field Trip Reflection

Wed, Dec 19: FOA

Thurs, Dec 20: FOA

Fri, Dec 21: Friday Funday


Mon, Jan 7: Intro to Documentary

Tues, Jan 8: Documentary

Wed, Jan 9: Documentary

Thurs, Jan 10: Documentary

Fri, Jan 11: Documentary Reflection


Weekly Slide

Documentary Handout

Brutiful Poster Rubric

Documentary Review Assignment

Documentary Discussion Questions


Negro Artist and Racial Mountain

Tues, Jan 15: Close Reading Poetry

Wed, Jan 16: Close Reading Poetry

Thurs, Jan 17: Project Success

Fri, Jan 18: Creative Writing

Negro Artist and Racial Mountain pdf

Negro Artist and Racial Mountain Discussion Questions

Weekly Slides

Hughes Poetry - Compiled


Tues, Jan 22: Creative Final

Wed, Jan 23: Creative Final


Blog Option #1: Emulation Poem (take a Hughes poem and copy its structure)

Blog Option #2: Visual Poem (Draw out Hughes' poem!) 

Blog Option #3: Found Poem (Make your own poem by cutting and pasting other texts)

Blog Option #4: Writer's Digest

Blog Option #5: Point of View Switch

Blog Option #6: Write on a Story 



Quarter 1 Weekly Game Plan (2018)

DeJong - Syllabus

Mechanics Quiz - Master Presentation

Links to Blogs

Dates Agenda Materials
August 27 - August 31

Mon, Aug 27: First Day Activites

Tues, Aug 28: 5 Stations and Classroom Bingo

Wed, Aug 29: Review Expectations, Stress Wall

Thurs, Aug 30: Review ACT, Summer Reading, Begin HTTAWT

Fri, Aug 31: ACT Practice Test #1


Week 1 Presentation

Handout: How to Tame a Wild Tongue pdf (Due Tues Sept 4)

Friday ACT Instructions:

Link to ACT website

Go to practice test #1, select Reading, select "no" for timed, You will have 45 minutes and you will score your test at the end of the class.

September 3 - September 7

Mon, Sept 3: NO SCHOOL

Tues, Sept 4: HTTAWT quiz and handout due.Language, Linguistics, and Identity reflections.

Wed, Sept 5: Summer Reading In-Class Essay

Thurs, Sept 6: Creative writing: Blog Post #1 - What's in a Name? Blog due: Monday Sept 10

Fri, Sept 7: Disney Literary Terms. 

Week 2 Presentation

Quiz: How to Tame a Wild Tongue. Click here.

Handout: Tongue-Tied pdf

Handout: Names/Nombres pdf

Creating a blog Instructional Video

Summer Reading Benchmark: click here

Disney Lit Devices Presentation

Disney Lit Devices Sheet

September 10 - September 14

Mon, Sept 10: Quiz #2. Create Shared Inquiry Discussion Questions.

DUE: Blog #1 at midnight

Tues, Sept 11: TedTalks on Language

Wed, Sept 12: Shared Inquiry Discussion and podcast.

Thurs, Sept 13: Shared Inquiry Discussion and podcast.

Fri, Sept 14: Comma practice, Ovuh Dyuh, Dialect Quiz.

Homework: Read How to Date by Monday

Week 3 Presentation: click here.

Reading Quiz #2: click here.

SID #1 question bank click here.

SID sheet blank template 

TEdTalk #1: How Language Shapes the Way We Think

TedTalk #2: Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

TedTalk #3: 4 Reasons to learn a new language

BLOG POST #2: Intructions

Blog Post #2: Bridges photographs

Handout: How to date

Handout: Ovuh Dyuh

Podcast: Codeswitch. LISTEN ON FRIDAY AND FILL OUT SHEET. Click here for link.


September 17 - September 21

Mon, Sept 17: SID #1 and Blog #2

Tues, Sept 18: Racial Imposter Syndrome: podcast and Mechanics Practice

Wed, Sept 19: Coca Cola Commercial and correct Mechanics Practice

Thurs, Sept 20 Mechanics Quiz #1. Diaz story.

Fri, Sept 21: Project Success

Week 4 Presentation

Podcast #2: A Prescriptoin for Racial Imposter Syndrome

Podcast #2: Worksheet

Speak English: tumblr post pf version

Speak Englsih: tmblr post tumblr version

Original Coke ad

Comma practice #1: click here

Dialect Quiz

September 24 - September 28

Mon, Sept 24: Make SID Questions

Tues, Sept 25: Intro to Written Task 2

Wed, Sept 26: SID or Blog #3

Thurs, Sept 27: SID or Blog #3

Fri, Sept 28: Examples of WT2

Week 5 Presentation

SID #2 Question Bank

Blog #3: How to Write About ______

Streetcar Named Desire Essay


Streetcar Essay #2


October 1 - October 5

Mon, Oct 1: Proposal Form

Tues, Oct 2: Outlining lesson

Wed, Oct 3: Outlining/rough draft

Thurs, Oct 4: Outlining/ rough draft

Fri, Oct 5: ACT Practice #2. OUTLINE/ROUGH DRAFT DUE!

Week 6 Presentation

Written Task 2 Proposal Form

Basic Outline Template

Friday ACT Instructions:

Link to ACT website

Go to practice test #1, select Reading, select "no" for timed, You will have 45 minutes and you will score your test at the end of the class.

October 8 - October 12

Mon, Oct 8: Thesis rewrite

Tues, Oct 9: Workday/conferences

Wed, Oct 10: Peer Reveiw

Thurs, Oct 11: Workday/conferences

Fri, Oct 12: Project Success

Criterion A (Outline) Template
October 15 - October 19

Mon, Oct 15: Criterion A - outline

Tues, Oct 16: Criterion D - formatting, common errors, final proofread


Criterion A (Outline) Template

MLA Formatting and in-text citation

MLA document formatting guidelines

Written Task 2 Conversion Chart

October 22 - October 26

Mon, Oct 22: Intro to Garcia Girls

Tues, Oct 23: Essay feedback

Wed, Oct 24: Reading Day

Thurs, Oct 25: Character Posters

Fri, Oct 26: Sisters Comparison Chart QUIZ: Pg. 1-103

Weekly Presentation

Character Poster Instructions

Sisters Comparison Chart

Reading Bookmarks

Reading Log

October 29 - November 2

Mon, Oct 29: Comma Practice

Tues, Oct 30: Mechanics Exam

Wed, Oct 31: Correction, reflection

Thurs, Nov 1: NO SCHOOL

Fri, Nov 2: NO SCHOOL

Comma Practice #1

Comma Practice #2

Comma Practice #3

Comma Practice #4