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IN The Heights Musical wins Spotlight Awards


Individual Awards: Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role: Myles Kuchar as Usnavi, Dominica Asberry-Lindquist as Nina, Sarah Petersen as Abuela ClaudiaHonorable Mention Performance in a Leading Role:Max Streitz as Benny, Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role:, Kate Cosgrove As Camila, Carolie Bonneville-Nelson as Daniela, Honorable Mention Performance in a Supporting Role:Matthias Pena as Sonny, Ali Osman as Kevin, Outstanding Performance in a Featured Role:Matt Ruff as Piraguero, Honorable Mention Performance in a Featured Role, Abdul Mohammed as Graffiti Pete, Jeffrey Alcenat as Night Dispatcher, La'Trell Draine-Middleton as Jose

The Spotlight Award Ceremony is on June 15th.  Each group or individual who won an "Outstanding" award will be able to perform the night the awards are presented.  If you'd like to attend buy your tickets at: