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Regular Bell Schedule for Finals - No advisory - Jan. 24

We will run a REGULAR bell schedule for finals on Wednesday, January 24. There will be no advisory so that each class will have the full 53 minutes for their finals.

Parent Message 1.23.18

Hello this is Rhonda Dean, principal of Washburn High School with an important message for Washburn students and parents. 

First of all, I hope you are receiving this message at a time your family is safe.

I know students are anxious about finals, so here’s the plan.

We are adjusting our finals schedule in response to today’s school closure.  We will run a regular bell schedule tomorrow.  There will be no advisory, and no extended block periods.  We will run a regular 53 minute class period schedule.  

Teachers have been instructed to modify their finals to fit within the regular 53 minute class period. 

The majority of students will not have more than 3 finals, given their schedule.  If your student has 4 or more finals scheduled, they should connect with their teacher first to possibly take a final or 2 on Monday.  If your student is having difficulty maneuvering this adjustment, counselors will be available to help student communicate their needs with their teachers.

And just a reminder, that tomorrow, Wednesday, January 24th is the last day of the semester.  Students have Thursday and Friday off.  Thursday is a staff development day and Friday is a teacher grading day.

School will resume on Monday, January 29th

That’s all I have for now.  Stay safe and warm Washburn.   

See you tomorrow