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Mark Le Feber

Career and Technical Education instructor (CTE), email = Mark Le Feber
       "a study of science, technologies, engineering design principles and math"


                Project Lead the Way:
                           Principles of Engineering (introduction survey course)
                           Introduction to Engineering Design (computer assisted design course)
                           Digital Electronics (introduction to combinational & sequential logic design)
                          Computer Integrated Manufacturing (How stuff gets made)
Civil Engineering and Architecture (Buildings, code and infrastructure)



      A = 90-100% Exemplary

      B = 80-89% Proficient

      C = 70-79% Acceptable

      D = 60-69% Mediocre

      F = 0-59% Does not met the minimum expectations 



Late work – will be accepted until two week before the end of the grading period.
                       It is more important to do the assignment correctly. Any assignments not turned in will receive a 0%.

Extra credit - None

Re takes of a test – PLTW does not offer any opportunity for re takes on the end of the year final assessments.