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Vaping & Addiction Resources


As you are probably aware, vaping has named as an epidemic by the MN Department of Health, and it appears that a big reason for this is misinformation that our teens receive in the media.

Our students have requested that we provide more concrete, scientific information around drugs and addiction, so we are doing that this week in our Science classes with a common lesson. Students who don't have a Science class were invited to a presentation of the material by one of our social workers.

We have posted the full lesson & resources here so that families can take time to follow up at home. We hope this will help our Miller families to have meaningful conversations at home about what our students are exposed to and experiencing these days.

Here is the link to the full presentation, with resources:


Also, here is the link to the full presentation from the parent workshop, with resources:


If a student is struggling with addiction, they can contact our Chemical Health Social Worker, Amanda Collier, or see any of the staff in our School-Based Clinic. We have non-shaming resources to help students quit vaping and other drugs. Parents can contact Ms. Collier at 612-668-3444.